God’s Timing

January 30, 2022

God’s timing is EVERYTHING!! We may not like it, we get inpatient and we for sure don’t understand it. But […]

Hey Pope Francis: F&*K YOU

January 17, 2022

I’ll start with a few admissions and caveats. I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of organized […]

A Believer In God’s Plan: Chadwick Boseman

May 2, 2021

God’s Plan for you is real. It may not be what you would plan for your life, but HIS plan […]

10 Uncertainty Quotes

November 29, 2020

It didn’t take Covid and 2020 that made life uncertain. Life has always been uncertain whether we have realized that […]

Way Maker

July 12, 2020

Sept of 2019 my Mom passed away, 9 months later June 2020 my Mother in Law passed away…in between that […]

What The Holy Heck!

November 3, 2019

I follow Tim McGraw on Instagram, he posted the following…and while it starts out okay I quickly found myself saying  […]