Way Maker

Sept of 2019 my Mom passed away, 9 months later June 2020 my Mother in Law passed away…in between that time as we were dealing with the roller coaster ride Cancer can bring as it did with my Mother in Law, and still healing from my Mom’s passing, several close friends were experiencing some extremely major challenges in their lives.  Things that would utterly break your heart as it did mine for them.

Isn’t that what these times have been like for all of us?  We all have challenges, this is something we all share and are not alone in.

The one thing that gets me thru it all, is my Faith. Now more than ever, I literally don’t know how I would be functioning  without it, I really don’t. It’s my oxygen, its what gives me hope, contentment and peace.

This song is what it’s all about, our  God is a Way Maker. No matter what is going on in this crazy world, no matter what negative and doom and gloom is shown to us, our Faith is what will see us through because we know and believe to our core that our Lord is a Way Maker.

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