What The Holy Heck!

I follow Tim McGraw on Instagram, he posted the following…and while it starts out okay I quickly found myself saying  “what the f**k are you talking about!!”
Here is what he posted…

As I said  it starts out fine, he wants to do better for himself so he learns to live by the mantra “be ready”….then it all falls apart. Badly. Being in the business he is in, it can seem like your shot will only come knocking once and maybe that’s 100 percent correct..what isn’t correct in my view of life is if you miss out on the one opportunity your whole life destiny will never come to be…Well if you have zero faith in a God above, yeah you are gonna live in such a sad negative manner.

If you are a believer and you pray for  God’s Will for your life, God will get you where he needs you to be. You might end up taking lots of right and left turns, going down winding roads and take longer to get there because well we are human and forget God is there to guide us and we just want to do it all ourselves and only calling on God when stuff goes wrong!! But God will get you there. Our job is to continue to do our best and work toward our goals and even then God almost always takes us down a road we didn’t even see coming or want, but it was just what we needed..

To me, Tim McGraw is talking in worldly terms, talking like a person with zero Faith. Now that’s okay, totally okay…people live all the time with zero faith or belief system. Which leads to him to say shit like, “miss that moment and you’ll live the rest of your life wondering just how much of your potential never played out”…..what in the holy hell kind of talk is that! Seriously what a doom and gloom way to live. A regretful life is not a good life. There is ZERO reason to have that kind of thought you know why? Because God makes all our wrong turns right.

When you believe in a higher power you know there is a reason for all of it…the good and the bad, the times you thought you weren’t ready, the times that are just so painful…The journey we must all go on. Its supposed to be about learning and growing. All our failures and mistakes are learning lessons. Not a time to swim in the bath of regret or shame. But to learn and grow and move on. And most importantly remember that no matter how far you get off the path or how unready you were when opportunity struck when you get on your knees and ask God to lead you down the right path He will make all of it right and worth it. Can I get an Amen!!

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