Denzel Washington

Review: Equalizer 3

September 4, 2023

Rob’s Movie Review for Equalizer 3 In Theaters Now Denzel Washington is back as the vengeful, yet always justified, Robert […]

Fall Forward

November 27, 2022

Denzel Washington gives the best speeches!! This one is so empowering. He points out the reality of life, you will […]

Motivational Monday!

August 21, 2022

Love love love this speech from Denzel Washington. If you need a kick in the butt, take some time to […]

Aspire To Make A Difference

December 12, 2021

If you cant get inspired by Denzel Washington speeches, I don’t’ know what will motivate you!! As you reflect on […]

A Dream Without Goals…is JUST a Dream!

October 24, 2021

Yes Denzel! Love him! Some inspiring words to start your week off and keep you moving!! Keep you moving toward […]

Review: The Little Things

January 31, 2021

Rob’s Review of The Little Things – Thumbs Down Three Academy Award winners, Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto […]