Review: The Little Things

Rob’s Review of The Little Things – Thumbs Down

Three Academy Award winners, Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto in a psychological thriller…what could possibly go wrong? Other than EVERYTHING

Let’s start with the positives:

Jared Leto plays a great psycho

End of list.

If you invest 2 hours of your life into this movie you’ll do so waiting for the pay-off or twist…and you’ll get nothing. As a man who literally planned a vacation around flying to New York to see Denzel on Broadway (he was amazing) I tell you with certainty this is the absolute worst dumpster fire of a movie he has ever starred in. And Rami Malek needs to go back to being a robot. Awful. Just Awful. In fact, my wife and I spent 30 minutes after watching this garbage pile arguing over whether or not it was a bad movie (her position) or a horrible movie (my position).

Please, for the love of God, save yourself. I know we all want and are craving new movies and shows and entertainment but this isn’t what you’re wanting. This is garbage to the extreme.


Dawn’s Review of The Little Things – Thumbs Down 

Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!! Man I LOVE LOVE LOVE Denzel Washington, like I can’t think of a Denzel movie I don’t like……………until……….NOW! Holy crap what the hell did I watch with his new movie The Little Things?????

Honestly what the hell was that???? I mean for Petes sake whyyyyyy and whaaaaaat was that. From the start of the movie I was bored and wondering what, why, who…this is the worst movie Denzel has every been a part of. Why did he agree to do this movie? I mean he knows what good scripts are this isn’t his first Rodeo.

Man I was hoping that this was gonna be a really good creepy thriller detective type movie. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. There was a killer, there were dead girls, there were detectives..but there was NOT anything good about any of it…at all!

I mean give it a try if you got to, I know its Denzel so of course its tempting to still give it a go and ignore what I am saying but I am positive you will be let down. Yep this movie gets a big ole thumbs down!


Brandon’s Review of The Little Things – Thumbs Down

What they said!

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