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Denzel Washington is back as the vengeful, yet always justified, Robert Mccall, this time in Sicily taking on the mafia. The third, and allegedly last, in the series follows the same formula as the first two; an epic kill scene within the first 10 minutes in which Denzel takes out more than a half dozen guys single-handedly and wildly creatively. This time, it isn’t a shot glass or a corkscrew that is the most unique item that takes down his enemies, but rather the very creative use of a revolver into and then through an eyeball. You have to see it to appreciate it…pun intended.

From there, the plot develops as Denzel enlists the help of an active CIA agent whose identity will be obvious to anyone who loves this trilogy. As Mccall falls in love with his village, he becomes enraged at what is happening to it and he sets out to stop it…I’ll give you three guesses to decide if he succeeds and the first two don’t count.

As with most Denzel movies, the music is perfect for the mood of every scene, the scenery and kill scenes are epic, and there’s a fantastic symmetry to Dakota Fanning, more than 20 years later, starring alongside Washington in an ode to “Man on Fire.”

Equalizer 3 is what Equalizer fans want it to be in every way. You either get it, or you don’t. Got it.

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