Yes They ARE A Hate Group

Yes They ARE A Hate Group

It didn’t take long for the un-educated and ignorant amongst us to prove the very points we made last week regarding race in America today.

As we made clear, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and White Nationalists are vile, reprehensible people who must be spoken out against. Period.

New statement un-related to the previous one: Black Lives Matter and Antifa are also vile, reprehensible people who must be spoken out against as well. Acknowledging that is not moral equivalency, it’s honesty and it’s necessary to have open discussions. But as we said, people are simply unwilling to admit the truth, thus shutting down any chance at dialogue. Witness two such sad individuals who wrote into the show almost immediately:

Let’s start with Sean who wrote:

“…To say that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are moral equivalents to the KKK is bullshit. BLM does not think that black people are superior to white people, they do not have a history of killing people because of the color of their skin.”

Really? First of all, Antifa is a radical, violent, anti-first-amendment group that incites and engages in violence and destruction in the name of either agreeing with them or suffering. To argue, as the mainstream media has, that they were on hand in Charlottesville and elsewhere to “protest hate” is laughably stupid and provably untrue.

In fact, Antifa is nothing more than a “gang,” as this opinion piece so brilliantly demonstrates:

As for “Black Lives Matter,” they’re a fairly new organization that hasn’t quite had time yet to truly fall off the rails and engage in full-on-murder, but based on their short history, just give them time, since they DO target white people and they DO think they are superior to white people:

In fact, they don’t even appreciate or want white people who support their cause:

Sean ended his moronic email with this gem: “…Let me give you a hypothetical. Let’s say that ISIS had a rally in the United States and people showed up to protest them and some of them decided to punch them in the face. Would you say that both sides were wrong and equally responsible? Would you say that there was “HATE” on both sides? Are they both Hate groups?”

Yes, Sean they are, and yes, I would condemn both sides. You do not respond to hate and violence with hate and violence. Pro-ISIS groups have a right to speak in America as reprehensible as they are. Punching, kicking, and attacking them is not the answer and never will be. Nice try, genius.

Which brings us to the crème de la crème known as Nick who wrote a whole bunch of easily refutable things as follows:

“To equate BLM to the KKK and other white extremist groups is irresponsible and dangerous. What proof do you have that shows they are a hate group? You don’t hear tales of BLM hurting, killing, maiming, or saying all whites must go to purify our country.”

No, YOU don’t hear those tales because YOU don’t want to or because you only get your news from sources that say what you want to hear. The truth is still the truth and while we covered much of what was said in that lovely paragraph already, let’s not forget that throughout the country and in multiple forms BLM has and continues to openly call for murdering cops. That, in and of itself, makes them a hate group.

Then Nick brought us this insightful tidbit: “Black Lives Matter was founded in an effort to bring to the front the very real issues we as black people go through everyday. Seeing our family, friends, and people of our community killed at the hands of police officers was becoming something so unbearable that speaking up and banding together was our option.”

First of all, Black Lives Matter was founded on a lie. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” never happened. It was a lie, recanted by everyone who claimed they heard it said. Michael Brown was a thug who fought a cop and tried to take his gun. His death is not a tragedy, it’s a painful reality of what happens when you don’t follow the law in America and threaten those who enforce it.

Secondly, I wonder why it is that my fiancé, who is an African American who grew up in various parts of the South has never experienced what is being described, nor has her family, all of which is African American? I wonder why one of my best friends, an African American cop, has also not experienced Nick’s reality? Or why African American Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke calls BLM a “hate group?”

Additionally, statistics overwhelmingly show, in every way, that the notion that anyone is seeing their African American friends or family members killed at the hands of the police in some sort of epidemic fashion is simply false.

Don’t get me wrong; in the end, I am painfully aware that none of what I have said or provided here will change the minds of Nick or Sean because they are closed minded and not interested in debate. They want to be right, not correct.

We have a real problem in America when it comes to race. I live it and see it every day being engaged to a Black woman. We have a real problem when it comes to the relationship between certain pockets of the African American community and the police. Lying about the causes, severity, and responses to these realities gets us nowhere, which is why we’re getting nowhere.

So, to the Nicks and Seans of the world I say this: If, and when, you are ever ready to have an honest discussion and debate, I am here. I will acknowledge the disgusting nature of all white nationalist groups and their tactics, and you will do the same as it relates to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. From there, we’ll discuss solutions, looking forward, not backwards.

I look forward to hearing from you, but I won’t hold my breath.

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