The Disgusting State Of America's Future

The Disgusting State Of America’s Future

Ah, yes, it’s time once again to talk about the poor, abused, millennials of America. The demographic of people ranging in age between 18-29 or 18-34 depending on which definition you prefer, but more importantly, those who have grown up and have been raised with no concept of how the real world has always worked. (And I remind you early, lest I be called an “ageist,” that I am engaged to a 26 year old millennial. What follows is a generalization of the vast majority, based on studies and surveys of what we’re dealing with).

These are the triggered. Those who need safe spaces. The ones who have been told they should have it all and shouldn’t have to do anything to earn it. This is the age group that by all accounts and surveys, believes it’s time for America to embrace Socialism, or more extreme, what is called a “Universal wage,” or a “basic income guarantee,” in which “all citizens or residents of a country receive a regular, unconditional sum of money from a government.” It’s a movement that is growing in popularity, spearheaded by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and other morons of like minds.
And why not? What a great deal…regardless of your ability, motivation, skill set and the like, you’ll always be guaranteed a meal and a safe place to live and an Iphone and the other “necessities,” of life. And since “successful” people will be paying for it, why even try to be successful? Just let them toil away, the idiots, and others shall reap the rewards.

Nowhere is the mindset of the stereotypical Millennial more prevalent than at home. Remember, these young adults didn’t become the way they are by accident. They were made and groomed and encouraged to be this way by their parents. Gen X needs to start owning what they’ve created and what they continue to foster.

As multiple reports continue to show, the path towards success and the American Dream is now paved by moving back in (or having never left) their parents’ home. This is appalling beyond belief and is being enabled and encouraged by not just parents, but society in general.

Living with Mommy and Daddy, rent free, is now how we pay off student loans and save for homes. And remember, this is a generation who LITERALLY doesn’t understand what credit cards are, for, or how they work.

In the “real” world, if you wanted a home, it used to be beholden upon you to get out of the house, get a job, work your ass off, sacrifice, scrimp, save, and EARN something that you would then treasure like nothing before because you had truly made the life choices that are on par with something as amazing as owning your home. Not today. Today you just stunt your maturity, place your mouth back on your mom’s tit and let the safety net keep you secure until you’re finally ready to join the land of adults.

Remember, of the millennials who live at home, 80% pay zero rent. They go about their lives, going out with friends and partying and such. Don’t get me wrong, I partied my ass off in my 20’s, but all the while I was driving a Geo Metro (true story) so that I could save for my first home, which I purchased, on my own, at the age of 22. And what do Millennials say about that? In survey after survey I would be called an idiot. The essential overview is “why should I live like that when I don’t have to?”

And that’s your future, America. A large swath of people who view the world as their oyster for which they have no responsibility, and who view hard work as being stupid. Yes, these are generalizations and yes, there are objections. And, most importantly, yes, every older generation bitches about the younger but never about and to the extent of such seriousness.

Silver lining? If you’re raising a young person with the morals, goals, and guidelines of “old-school,” America in which they believe you must work hard to earn what you have and that nothing is given or taken than that person will rule the world, passing by the lazy and entitled who view them as stupid. The only concern now is whether or not there’s enough people like that coming up from America’s farm team to keep us moving forward…the jury is out.

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