Wait… How are we the idiots?

My wife and I ventured out a few times this Memorial Day Weekend to experience, first hand, this “new normal,” of ours. And yes, I long for the day when our “new normal,” is that the phrase “new normal,” has been heaped onto the ash heap of history.

Society has condemned those of us who exhibit and practice common sense, logic, and the unrelenting pursuit of facts, to the derogatory nickname of being a Covidiot. Get it? We’re idiots about Covid-19. Witty. Whimsical. Brilliant.

I do understand that we have armed the paranoid amongst us with all of the ammo they need to attempt to shame those of us who, where allowed, choose to not wear face coverings. After all, the face coverings are to protect others, we’re told. In other words, Christina and I could be asymptomatic carriers of the virus, and therefore, by walking around without a mask, we are brazenly placing others in harm way. We may as well be drinking and driving by today’s standards. Because of this, if verbally accosted for not wearing a mask, the retort of “mind your own business,” doesn’t work, for their natural, and understandably justified response in this climate would be “it’s everyone’s business because you’re putting us all in harm’s way.” While this is an absurdly unprovable statement, it is accepted by the masses as being gospel. Remember, the experts who say the scariest things are the only experts we listen to. The countless experts whose studies show that the face coverings are worthless are clearly morons and covidiots.

And so, I told my wife, that I was prepared, as we went out for drinks and appetizers Friday evening with friends and again Sunday morning to run errands, all at businesses with no mandatory mask policies, for what I would say if anyone shamed us for not wearing a mask. I had settled on “go fuck yourself.” This did not seem to put my wife at ease, but we ventured out anyway.

To fast forward to the finish; not one comment, nor even a look of shame. We actually had a very fun evening Friday and a pretty good day of errands Sunday; and the only reason for the downgrade on the fun-meter Sunday is the very premise of this week’s soapbox.

We’ve played the role-playing logic game to death on the air and it always ends in the same result; utter frustration at how stupid, irrational, useless, and non-sensical all of these “guidelines” are when you talk them through. The most absurd scenario is as follows; businesses are told by the almighty “health experts,” that they have to keep their employees separated by 6 feet. Restaurants are told they too, must separate groups from one another, and they must seat people who arrive together at the same table. So that group of 4 co-workers who have stayed 6 feet apart all day go to lunch at the restaurant next door, and are immediately seated together, next to one another. IT MAKES NO SENSE! But, experiencing it first hand is so much more frustrating.

Let’s look at this through the prism of the paranoid. Granted, I don’t understand why they’re leaving their houses in the first place if they’re that scared, especially since face coverings (other than N95 masks) do not, we’re told, protect them, only others. Ergo, such a person should only go places like Costco that have mandatory mask policies. Otherwise, logic dictates that they’re just looking to be a social warrior. But I digress.

We’ll begin Friday afternoon when my wife along with the other RAD broads (Dawn, Dawn’s niece Queenie, and Mrs. Brandon) all ventured out to lunch at Land Ocean in the Roseville Galleria Mall. For starters, the Galleria Mall’s own press release stated that face masks were mandatory to enter and walk in the mall. Yet, at the entrance used by my wife, there were no such signs, no security guards of any kind, and, by her count, fewer mask wearers than not. As she took an admittedly quick look around the mall, she saw the same ratio. A friend and his wife went on Saturday and actually walked the mall, and reported the exact same thing.

Back to lunch; Land Ocean, of course, is practicing social distancing with fewer tables spread apart. And, as we talked through on the air, the lack of sense begins as soon as your party arrives. Four women, only two of whom live in the same house, are immediately sat as a group (as they should be in a normal world), meaning three households of “germs” are now elbow to elbow, but at least they’re 6 feet away from other people. Where is the sense in this? Don’t answer that…there isn’t any.

Don’t get me wrong…this is how it should be. Those of us who are not afraid should be allowed to “put ourselves at risk,” (a phrase I can’t type without laughing out loud at its’ stupidity) and enjoy life. But that’s not what’s actually being encouraged, said, or acknowledged. Nor, as I always remind everyone, do we live in “Should-land.” Now more than ever.

Friday evening my wife and I met two friends at a wine bar…we do not live with these friends, and upon arrival, we hugged. As did every other group of people that came and went throughout the evening as they were all clearly seeing each other for the first time in weeks. As we sat and enjoyed our drinks and food for a couple hours we observed that the servers were all practicing the exact same procedure; feel out your table, and the minute the guest makes it clear they’re a covidiot, drop the mask and act like a normal human being. In other words, it was a packed-to-allowed-capacity restaurant of droplets, droplets, droplets for everyone. No doubt we’ll all be on ventilators in 10-14 days. Meanwhile, my obsessive need to watch everything that makes no sense observed constant moments of hands accidentally touching as new wine was served and food was brought, not to mention people actually shuffling by one another within far less than 6 feet of each other. There was even one foursome that showed up separately, all wearing masks, who immediately hugged each other. And then, when realizing that they were the only mask wearers, took theirs off. Face palm.

Fast forward 36 hours to Sunday morning. After hiding from the world for a day, my wife decided she wanted to visit an International Market nearby for some exotic food. We got excited about the fun drive ahead of us in our new Corvette, and she about satisfying her craving for authentic Kimchee Tofu Soup, which is more than hard to find in this area. And then, thank God, it hit her…what’s the mask policy? I paused…internally preparing myself for finally having to wear a mask because if it was important to her, of course I would. As I girded myself, she uttered “I’ll check social media because if we have to wear masks there’s no way we’re going.” I let out an internal sigh of relief and headed to my home office to await the verdict. Five minutes later she came in, completely defeated. She had checked multiple places and they all had not only mandatory face covering policies, but also put gloves on you as you entered. She was crushed. Not in a literal sense, obviously, but in an intellectual sense, as was I. Seeing the woman I love not be able to get something as simple as a bowl of soup she’s craving all because we have terrified a nation for no justifiable reason made me begin to simmer with rage.

Needing to scratch the itch of getting out, we decided to buy some new plants and seeds for the home garden and headed to a local nursery with no mandatory mask policy. My annoyance level at high, I started not following my own advice and began making quiet, yet snide remarks at the few scaredy-cats we saw with their masks. We had a great time, but my attitude was the only downer. Noted. Yes, Rob, it is as stupid as you thought it was out there, be better mentally prepared.

As we made our way around, Christina decided she wanted an Aloe plant, so I approached (carefully) an employee and, keeping my distance, said “excuse me.” She had her mask at her neck, but obviously it’s policy to put it on when dealing with customers, even though she clearly had no desire to do so. She told us where to find the Aloe and as I lead the way my wife asked “did you understand anything that she said?” I had, actually, and so I told my wife “I’ve become fluent in “mask-speak.”

As we checked out, prior to our mask-wearing clerk handing my wife the receipt as their hands touched (to which I just snickered) the checker looked at my wife and said “would you guys like the flu?” I paused…waiting to see how my wife would react and as she answered I realized the checker had actually said “do you guys need soil?” So much for being fluent in mask-eze.

So the exact same almighty “experts” who have convinced this nation to be petrified are now laying out the guidelines for how to “safely” re-open and even when those guidelines are followed to the letter of the law (which none of them are) they completely expose the lunacy, inconsistency, and dishonesty of all of this. This should surprise no one who is actually paying attention, which too few are. We have politicians and health officials, as documented endlessly here and on our show, who are being completely honest about the fact that they are lying to our faces and we the sheeple compliantly bow before them and believe their lies, because, after all, they’re telling us the truth about lying so why should we not trust them?

But remember…we’re the idiots. Those of us who know this is all for nothing, and it always was. The virus is real, the death count isn’t. We were always going to lose people to this virus. We didn’t need to lose our country too.

Had enough? Fair enough…if you haven’t, here’s another “expert,”…one of those dolts from that fake institution known as Stanford who, as we get more and more data, is sounding the alarm over the fact that the lockdown was a total waste across the world and did more harm than good. But remember, despite being a Nobel Laureate, he’s an idiot.


Wanna play “pick the expert?” Here’s a few studies showing that masks don’t work…who to believe? (yourself…and common sense are the correct answers)

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