Documented: The Death Toll Is A Lie

The new pablum being repeated over and over again this week is that the Covid-19 death toll is underreported and not only have 90,000 Americans died already from Covid-19, but the death toll is vastly higher. This is a provable lie. The twisted logic used to make this claim is more than enough to give any intelligent human being a migraine:

The truth, of course, is that the death toll is a complete hoax…and everyone admits it, but no one seems to care.

Both Scarf-face Birx and Adolph Fauci have freely admitted, from the White House podium no less, that ANYONE who dies and is later determined to test positive for Covid-19 is classified as having died from the Coronavirus. Additionally, through the month of March, when post-mortem Covid testing wasn’t being done regularly, the United States also classified PRESUMED cases of Covid-19 as Corona deaths; in other words, if doctors “thought” the patient died from the virus, they simply said that they did.

The poster child for this lunacy is Dr. Ngozi Ezike, the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, who without shame has very publicly made clear that “even if you died of a clear alternate cause,” you would still be classified as a Covid-19 death:


But wait, it gets better. Just this weekend, the esteemed Dr. Ezike clarified how and why Covid deaths are counted. While claiming that the states will go back and remove the erroneous deaths later (you know, after all of the panic and lying is over), she confirms that yes, states are in fact counting people who die in car accidents or from gun shot wounds as Covid-19 deaths if the deceased tests positive for the virus. We’ve been using this as a joke for weeks…the joke is on us. Don’t believe me? Head to 3:05 in and watch for one minute:

It would be hysterical if it wasn’t so devastating. And yes, all states are following the exact same guidelines. Like, for example, Colorado, where it was revealed last week that a man who clearly died of alcohol poisoning (a .55 blood alcohol level will do that to you) was counted as a Coronavirus death:

In America’s Covid epicenter, New York City, officials by fiat just declared that people who died at home in April died of the Coronavirus…WITHOUT ANY TESTING OR PROOF. Think about this for a moment; people who live New York were inundated with stories of overrun hospitals and endless death. At a time like that, how likely are they to head to the hospital for help if they didn’t feel well, or if they injured themselves? Not to mention, since 2012, preventable injuries at home have increased from the fifth leading cause of death to the third, behind heart disease and cancer…yet, suddenly everyone at home in New York is dying from Covid-19. In one day, New York added 3,778 people to their death toll using this method.

And who can blame them? After all, how would it look if health officials and politicians shut down the most important economy on the planet for something that turned out to not be nearly as deadly as they told us it would be? Additionally, they made sure there was skin in the game for hospitals as well by paying them more if a patient died of Covid-19 than if they merely passed away from, say, a heart attack. Sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? Yet, it’s just one more thing that is widely reported and never denied that no one seems to care about:

Somehow, people who need you to be afraid find a way to use all of this information as alleged proof of exactly the opposite of the truth being the case. In a mind-numbing attempt to make sense of all of this, health experts freely admit to all of this and somehow claim it’s proof that MORE people are dying of Covid than we actually think. I wish I could make stuff like this up. In an article published in Mid-April about at-home deaths spiking, the story says “Experts say…that the undercount is exacerbated by lack of comprehensive testing.” This is an asinine statement on its’ face since we’ve been counting “presumed” cases from the beginning. The lack of testing hasn’t stopped the phony death toll from rising at all. The story then goes on to provide an actual explanation for why people are dying at home other than the Coronavirus, and then ignores its’ point entirely:  “It’s also possible that the increase in at-home deaths reflects people dying from other ailments like heart attacks because they couldn’t get to a hospital or refused to go, fearful they’d contract COVID-19.” The article then proceeds to justify counting all at-home deaths as being from the Coronavirus. They just dismiss entirely the very point and say “yup, it was Covid.” I’ve been wondering for weeks why no one in America is dying from Heart attacks, strokes, or cancer anymore and now we know! Covid-19 cured everyone of those ailments and then killed them.

And one more thing. Warning: this next sentence contains logic and common sense: If you force approximately 220 million Americans to stay at home, where the third highest rates of deaths annually already occur, it is not only likely but inevitable that there will be an increase in deaths at home; THAT’S WHERE EVERYBODY IS!!

And finally, yes, of course there is a political twist to this entire scam because, after all, it’s 21st century America and everything has to be political, especially in an election year. There is a concerted, loud effort underway to paint President Trump as a “death denier” because he is, by all accounts, having the gall to privately question the accuracy of the death toll. In all fairness, of course it would be in Trump’s favor to have fewer deaths so that he could claim he did a good job of managing the nation through this “crisis.” Therefore, the opposite is true for those who want to make sure he is one-term president and so they’re doing so by making sure everyone knows that if you question the accuracy of the Covid-19 death toll, you’re as big a moron as Donald Trump is. And for at least half of the country, that’s a fate worse than death…although if you did die, we all know you’d be counted as a Coronavirus victim regardless of the actual cause.

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