This Is How It All Ends

For decades it has been posited that America, like all great empires before it (most notably the Roman Empire) will not meet its’ end as a result of war or being conquered, but rather it will implode from within.

The fact that we haven’t reached that point yet, is in no way indicative of proof that such claims prior were that of hyperbole or fear-mongering. Rather, as we have continued to fundamentally chip away at the very fabric and basis of our society, we have lurched ever closer to the tipping point. It is without a doubt, and it is inarguable for anyone with an understanding of history and who possesses a brain, to state unequivocally that America is now closer to the brink of implosion than at any other time since the Civil War.

And that’s part of the irony, too. We won’t go down with a fight. We’ll simply go. And it’s all happening before our very eyes. Congratulations, at least you have a front row seat to witness history.

Some argue that America’s end began with its’ beginning. We founded a nation that declared all men were created equal while imparting none of those rights on women and declaring that people of color were 3/5th a person. So much for equality from the jump. This is what some call starting out “behind the 8 ball.”

The truth is, however, that the brilliant Founding Fathers acknowledged from the jump we were a nation of faults. In fact, while it’s not widely taught because it’s not popular to do so, many of the founders, including George Washington himself, knew the future demanded an end to slavery. His personal assistant slave, Billy Lee, was treated better by Washington than most of his soldiers and was freed by Washington in his will. It is for that and many other reasons that the phrase was inserted in the preamble of the constitution that America was being created to form “a more perfect union.” We were flawed from the beginning, but we would always strive to become better.

Sadly, the world is a bell curve, and we hit our peak about 75 years ago when we almost single handedly saved the world from Adolph Hitler. Since then, we’ve been on a march to implosion, and the figurative fuse has been lit in 2018.

Every single day things deteriorate at a rate unimaginable. This isn’t simply the ebb and flow of history. This is truly as bad as it gets. We have a society that believes nothing, yet simultaneously believes anything.  Put something on social media…half will call it fake, the other half will send it out as fact…and none of them will change their minds. Ever.

This is what the end looks like. Sit back and make the best of it.

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