Third World Bullshit

Third World Bullsh%&t

If you can’t trust the guy who put a bullet into Osama Bin Laden’s head, who can you trust?
Rob O’ Neill will be the first to say that he was in the right place at the right time on Seal Team Six during the night when they raided Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Yeah, he pulled the trigger, but he wouldn’t have been there or gotten out if not for the whole team. He is also a very conservative Republican and staunch President Trump supporter, to the point that he has dined with Trump at the White House and spoken with him many times.

And last week, O’Neill reminded us that courage comes in many forms. Publicly speaking out against President Orange is wrought with peril, especially if you’re a high-profile personality as O’Neill is and has been since becoming publicly known 5 years ago. At the very least, when you attack the Trumpster publicly you open yourself up to ridicule and a lame nickname. From there it can escalate to targeted personal attacks on who and what you are, and in the end, he’s still the president and things can go from bad to worse lest you find yourself audited, jailed or worse. Not that I’m suggesting for a moment that Trump is an immature man-child. Clearly his behavior shows otherwise. #sarcasm.
Speaking of childish behavior, last week Trump once again raised the idea of America having a military parade. The basic idea is simple; the federal government would pay an enormous amount of money to assemble a display of our military strength by having troops, tanks, and God knows what else, march down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. so that we could all bask in the glory of how big our country’s proverbial penis is. For about 4 hours I sat around thinking “Am I the only one who realizes this is EXACTLY what they do in North Korea, Russia, and other countries that suck?” And then came Rob O’Neill.

The former Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden had some choice words to say about President Donald Trump’s proposed military parade that Pentagon officials are reportedly planning.

“A military parade is third world bullsh*it. We prepare. We deter. We fight. Stop this conversation,” Rob O’Neill tweeted on Thursday. When a user pointed out that France and Russia conduct military parades, O’Neill replied: “Yes. Third World. If Russia or France were powerful enough to take over the world, they would. We are yet we don’t. That’s called First World.”

I have a general rule…when someone or some entity that vehemently supports a politician comes out against them, I believe it! Or, conversely, when a far left or right-wing outlet of alleged journalism has to say something nice about the other side, I know it’s true; When the New York Times had to admit that there is absolutely no truth to the Trump Dossier or any indication of collusion between Trump and Russia, I knew the story was over and they’d have to find other ways to smear him (which they have).

While O’neill’s definition of first versus third world may be a slight askew, his point is the point; this is America and we’re better than this infantile garbage. Or at least, we used to be.

As we continue, as a nation, to de-evolve into reptilians, more and more people in this country that claim to love it, espouse the very things that we have fought against for 240 years. “Patriots,” shout from the highest rooftops that they want their “freedom,” back. They’ll scream that the government has gotten too big and that everyone is watching us and that true freedom means being free to fail and make choices and not bow down before the man and on and on it goes.

Well guess what? Actual freedom means that we don’t bow down before a flag, a military, a leader, or a pledge. Actual freedom means that people can take for granted everything that is provided for them by the very freedom that you so strongly support. And actual freedom means that the greatest fighting force on Earth is not a prop to be used to create a false sense of security, nationalism, pride, or patriotism. We already have plenty of “Fleet Weeks,” for those of you who need to stand in awe of our men and women in uniform…go to one of those. We don’t need an organized national day of gathering around our TV sets, paid for by us, watching our troops and equipment do exactly what it was never intended to do for any reason…be on U.S. soil in any sort of official capacity other than readiness to leave. Look up Posse Comitatus and the inferences of it. While it’s true that a parade does not violate the act of 1878, it’s beyond scary and unacceptable to those of us who truly understand the laws of the land and don’t blindly follow alleged patriots shouting slogans and mumbling asinine things about Making America Great Again while engaging in the most un-American of activities.

Grow up, America. O’Neill is right. Act like you’ve been there, because you have been there for about 75 years. Despite what left wing radical whackos will tell you, America is still, by far, the greatest nation on Earth and without us the globe would be burning rubble ruled by people like Gary Oldman’s character in the Book of Eli. We lead, we don’t stare at our navels and self-congratulate ourselves.

And by the way…to those of you who stupidly believe that some dumb parade is suddenly going to make more Americans love and appreciate our military, what planet are you actually on? The beauty of this nation is that the few lead and the rest suck. Whether it’s in the business world, law enforcement, or the military, the cream rises to crop, does the job, provides for everyone else and everyone else, in turn, says almost no thank you’s. And those leading are fine with it. Stop trying to force patriotism, respect, and appreciation on people for that’s what dictators do.

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