Snowflake Alert

Snowflake Alert!

It’s no bulletin that seemingly anyone is offended by anything in today’s America. What’s worse is that, as a society, we continue to empower each of these little snowflakes by allowing them “safe spaces,” to express what society says is their enlightened and reasonable opinion that they are entitled to, and which we must validate.

We received an appallingly disgusting email into RADRADIO.COM on Friday, from a loser named David. He was commenting on our hour-long discussion in relation to the Florida school shooting of last week which killed, as of this writing, 17 students and teachers.

Here, in all its’ glory is said email. Since David is, quite clearly, a dolt, I have taken the liberty of fixing all of his numerous spelling and grammar mistakes so that you aren’t distracted by the ineptness of his ability to communicate, but rather can focus solely on how demented he is as a human being:

Listening to your station (Thursday) morning about the Florida shooting, I was saddened that the discussion went to name calling the shooter, “Nut Case” I believe was the actual slander. Calling the shooter a name makes you just as bad as him. The kid had emotional problems that were never addressed. We as a society need to address the issue of judging, that is where the problem is. We need to wake up folks and start treating each other a bit better.

The kid probably had a background of abuse and neglect. I feel for him because I know from my own experience what that can be like.  I had nowhere to go so I turned to drugs. A more socially acceptable solution until they quit working for me. Lucky for me I figured out that I need to deal w/my past and let go of it. Not so much luck for the 17 year-old-…now his life is over. Such a shame.

Triggered! We have our snowflake; David simply can’t handle how we spoke of a psychopathic mass murderer without using understanding terms, and, worse, choosing to use, mean, bullying words.
Where to begin? Let’s start at the ending. Such a shame that Nikolas Cruz’s life is over? I think David should personally fly to Florida (a state where with his mental acuity he’ll be welcome with open arms), and meet with every single parent, sibling, friend, and extended family member of the 17 children and teachers gunned down in cold blood at the hands of Cruz and make sure that he relay to them that, in light of their loss, the real shame here is that the shooter’s life is over.

Yes, David, Nikolas Cruz was, and is, a nut-case. He’s a looney bird, a lost soul, an evil demented psychopath, a loser in life, a weak boy-child, and a cuckoo. And that’s just the beginning, and none of it is slanderous. And for you to actually say that us calling this craven coward names makes us as bad as him is beyond hyperbole, and, reaches towards the stars in the attempt to find the universe of the truly berserk. Tens of millions of Americans of all ages have backgrounds of abuse and neglect. A few of them work on the RAD show and have been very open about it. Yet they didn’t become mass murderers. I am disgusted, David, that you harbor any sympathy for Cruz. It is sad that predicaments and challenges like those Cruz experienced in his childhood are the reality, but any sort of sympathy for the very alive murderer of 17 innocent people is, quite simply, crazy. Crazy as a Cruz.

Back in the 1990’s, when the political correctness movement went on steroids, we began having sympathy for criminals. The most common example was the father, desperate to feed his hungry children, who would commit armed robbery to do so. People began feeling as though he should be shown at the very least sympathy, for the plight he found himself in. Ignoring, of course, the millions of parents in identical situations who did not commit felonies to solve their problem. As the steroids continued, it went beyond sympathy and turned to borderline heroism. “We should praise this man,” society would say of the dad with hungry kids, “for putting the needs of his children first. Do what you gotta do to feed your family.”

Despite living through that, and usually being pretty good at seeing the on-going spiral downwards of America, I never thought I’d live to see the day where a man who murders our children is shown sympathy. I should have known better. There is no limit to how the David’s of the world can disappoint me and constantly remind me of the disgusting depths human beings can sink to. Thanks for the reminder, David.

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