Things You Simply Cant Say

Things You Simply Can’t Say

Political correctness continues to run amok in this society. Anyone that tells you that it’s waning is simply naïve or not paying attention.

One of the queens of political correctness, actress Lena Dunham, was on “The Tonight Show,” with Jimmy Fallon last week and proclaimed that she doesn’t like to use the word “different” because it’s exclusionary. No, I’m not making that up. Different is now hate speech.

In 2015, actress Jennifer Lawrence began her movement to declare calling anyone “fat” as hate speech. Google it, she really said it.

We continue to spiral towards stupidity via intimidation. We live in a world where you are destroyed if you don’t toe the line of the what society’s elites tell you. While you’re still free to express your opinion, you really aren’t, because you’ll be maligned, personally threatened and professionally ruined otherwise. Only the most powerful, successful, and brave amongst us can come close to publicly proclaiming our opinions, or even, provable truths. Here are four of my favorite things you simply can’t say aloud, even though there’s plenty of reason to:

MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT REAL: Say this and you’re called a “denier.” There’s a reason they use that word, by the way; the only other people who have historically been called “deniers,” are those who claim the Holocaust never happened. By “denying,” the junk science behind the Climate Change movement, you are no better than someone who claims 5 million Jews weren’t exterminated by Hitler. And don’t bother to even try to engage people in this debate, for there is none. Don’t bring up the fact that humans using computer models can’t predict next week’s weather and since that’s what Climate Change and Global warming hysteria is based on, it’s flawed from the jump. Don’t bring up that just 40 years ago we were told the next ice age was nigh. Don’t bring up that anyone who says “the overwhelming majority of scientists” believe in Climate change are citing one meeting of 497 scientists a decade ago as their claim. And whatever you do, don’t ever bring up the drip-drip-drip of scientists who were involved in the research for years and continue to come forward as whistle-blowers that it was all flawed and faked. Good Lord, we wouldn’t want reason, logic or, God forbid, facts to get in the way of a great fable.

MARILYN MONROE WAS NOT A SIZE 12: This is one of my favorites of all time
because it really irritates insecure women and I have no time for insecure people.
Somewhere along the way, the canard was started that Marilyn was a “full figured” girl
and men used to like their women that way. Like all great propaganda, it was repeated
over and over again until it became a “fact,” except for the fact that it’s provably untrue.
Obviously this stupidity was created as a way to make our ever-growing waistlines feel better about themselves, as if to say “don’t you worry about being big girl, if it was good enough for JFK it’s good enough for any man.” Darn those pesky facts again, but many of Monroe’s clothes live on today and all have been deemed to be, at today’s standards, a size 4. That’s right a 4. Just admit you’re pudgy, Amy Schumer. Just be proud of your body the way it is or change it, Ashley Graham, but stop telling me I have to like it, that I can’t voice my opinion, and most of all, stop lying about history.

IT’S OKAY TO DRINK WHILE YOU’RE PREGNANT: Wanna start a huge fight? Say this out loud at a party. Holy crap. Never mind the age old argument that those of us who are 40+ years in age all had mothers who drank (and most smoked) while pregnant with us and we allegedly turned out fine. Never mind that the entire “crack baby” epidemic of the 1980’s has been completely debunked in the sense that those kids, while given a horrible start, have overwhelmingly turned out completely fine. Never mind that the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption continue to be constantly updated by science and medicine. Just shut up and order water if you’re in public and pregnant, lest you want to be visited by CPS before you even have a kid.

THERE IS NO GENDER PAY GAP IN AMERICA: Another provably true thing you don’t dare say aloud especially in this age of the completely bogus “war on women.” We’re constantly told women’s healthcare is inferior to men’s when by every measure, whether it be financing, research, life expectancy, care, access, and every other marker, that is provably untrue. We’re also constantly told that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes and it sickens me because I love women. Truth be told, I prefer the company of women to men. I think men suck for the most part. Therefore, I know women aren’t victims and I hate this constant victimization of women that this stupid society engages in. When you adjust for life CHOICES (leaving the workplace to have a family) there is no pay gap between genders. Zero. Miniscule. A rounding error. Wanna make the same as a man? Do like men do and stay in the work place non-stop. It’s called a choice, ladies, just like child birth. Get over it.

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