The Protest Nation

The Protest Nation

America has a long and proud history of using protests, marches, and symbolic gestures to affect change. From Rosa Parks to Selma to the 2005 marches against immigration reform, America has shown that when people rally together they still own their country.

We have also recently seen total wastes of time as whack-jobs bind together for causes that the overwhelming majority of the country wants very little to do with. The Occupy Wall street clowns, what used to be the Tea Party, and of course, the absurdity of the Black Lives Matter movement are excellent examples.

And now we live in a protest nation; one where, for now, every Saturday a bunch of people get together in America’s biggest cities to protest the President and anything and everything that he’s doing. Fine, so be it. You have every right to not support your president (and yes, he is your president) and keep in mind I have no horse in this race. I didn’t vote for President for the first time since I was eligible because I thought the choice between puke and poop was not palatable. President poop is doing what he said he would do, some it I agree with, some I don’t, and many things we’re still waiting and seeing on.

But here’s what I don’t get about those of you making signs and marching on cities and chanting terrible chants (at least those of you who aren’t professional protesters being paid to create civil unrest): Don’t you have a life? I mean good Lord, people…it’s Saturday! Go for a hike, binge watch, hit a pool hall, play a game, go golfing, clean your house, shop, have some friends and/or family over for dinner…in other words, be normal!

We have become a nation of malcontents more than ever before, at a time when our problems are nothing like they have been in the past. This is not the Civil Rights era, morons. Foreigners have no right to our soil unless we say they do. Stop with the lies and get with the truth; you’re guilty that America is the greatest place on Earth and you feel bad for people who want to come here. Well boo-hoo. Sorry that life isn’t fair, but tell that to the families of the Orlando and San Bernadino attacks.

I’m terribly sorry that you snowflakes of all ages and all walks of life feel badly that not everyone wins life’s lottery and is born in America, but that doesn’t mean we balance the scales of Universal justice by committing national security suicide. We’ve tried to hit the pause button so we can figure out who and why we’re letting people come into this country. That’s our sovereign right and something almost every other nation on the planet does better than we do. Try getting to Iran or China tomorrow and see how that goes for you. Ever had an anal exam? You’re about to.

More importantly try this; get a job and while you’re at it some real problems.

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