The Meek Are Inheriting The Earth

The Bible talks of the meek inheriting the Earth. At this point in time, it’s half right.


The literal definition of “meek,” is “easily imposed on; submissive.” That certainly describes about 60% of our society by all accounts. We have willfully and, in many cases, gleefully, covered our faces, stayed indoors, and accepted, if not embraced, unreasonable restrictions upon our lives merely because we’ve been told to by the almighty “experts,” to do so. It has been horrifying to watch.


What has been more horrifying has been the lack of evolution by too many. After nearly a pregnancy of time, too many Americans are moronically and systematically showing that they will blindly follow and obey whomever presents themselves as a symbol of authority. It was one thing in March, to accept that health officials, doctors, scientists, and even our political leaders, had our best interests in mind. That motivation is provably untrue now and easily seen to anyone with the ability to critically think.


And sadly, it is that lemming portion of America, the meek, that are dictating and driving the nation; as a populace, they rule. The scared, timid, meek, and pathetic amongst us are winning the day when it comes to public policy on both sides of the political aisle. There are enough of them to motivate and embolden decision makers in a direction that will, ultimately, kill so many more and destroy so many lives as a result of our policies, not Covid.



In a normal world, we would be telling the scared, sick, and vulnerable to stay home while the rest of us plowed ahead and kept the nation moving…we are no longer normal; instead, we’re saying the opposite. Which, when you think about it, isn’t abnormal, it’s just abnormal for America. We’ve simply, as a nation, become as lame as everyone else. Some nations, like Sweden, Indonesia, Malawi, and even Brazil (which is an interesting case because their citizens have essentially refused to lockdown), have avoided lockdowns entirely…and for the past 8 months, anytime one of those nations experienced a massive surge of Covid, they were the subject of endless cataclysmic headlines about how their refusal to lockdown caused them to kill countless citizens. Now, as we look rationally at the data, we see that lockdowns, masks, and other draconian measures make absolutely no difference whatsoever. The virus is going to virus, period.

The coronavirus is raging across the globe; it doesn’t matter what mitigation efforts any society makes, the virus does what viruses do…and yet, we moronically embrace the idea of hiding from it en masse, over and over again, believing it will magically disappear. We are, as a nation collectively, a child cowering in the closet hiding from the bogeyman praying that he’ll be gone when we open our eyes. Pitiful isn’t a strong enough word to describe what we’ve become…and the fact that the rest of us have allowed this attitude to be the driving decision maker and/or that we are incapable or unwilling to overturn it…is equally as contemptable.


Just today, Dr. Michael Osterholm, who has been spot-on with his predictions and wrong with all of his proposed solutions, announced that he expects 150,000 more Americans to die from Covid-19 in the next 60 days. Half of us, including Mike Rowe and me, read that and say “aaaannnnnnddddddd?”


The virus is real and deadly. We all get it. As long as the virus thrives, which it will, unless and until we create and administer a vaccine, it will continue to decimate the elderly and the vulnerable. The implication that we should shut-down the nation, yet again, and hide from the virus, only to have it ravage us again in 4-6 weeks when we re-emerge is ludicrous…and unacceptable to a growing number of us. The truth is, according to the CDC (and yes, you have to take the leap that we aren’t being lied to) that people in the age groups of 0 to 19 have a 99.997% chance of survival if they contract COVID-19, the age group of 20 to 49 a 99.98% chance, 50 to 69 years old 99.5% and 70 years old and above a 94.6% chance.


Which brings us to the other meeks inheriting the Earth. We have empowered and emboldened people who have never felt that way in their lives; and they are not letting go of this new found ability to control people easily. It isn’t just “politicians,” in fact, it’s lazy and lame to simply blame them, but we’ll start with them. With few exceptions, American politicians are nerdy dorks who come from affluent backgrounds that went to Harvard and Yale for one reason; to get a law degree they had no intention of ever using, and then get elected to public office. The reason they all become lawyers is so they know how to use the law to enrich themselves while “serving” the public…after all, they literally WRITE the laws so it makes sense.


Look at the panoply of your elected officials…they’re almost all the same…losers whose heads were dunked into toilets in high school when they weren’t locked in their lockers. And they’re wildly unattractive. That’s not said to be merely funny or hurtful, it’s said to re-enforce how miserable their lives were before they became “leaders…” which is why they became “leaders!” They needed to find a way to capture some sort of power and control over others, especially those who had tortured them their entire lives. And now, we’ve shown them that they have even more power and control over us than they ever dreamed. The exceptions to that caricature, those who have been elected to public office as veterans, doctors, and self-made business successes are both rare and not in positions of enough influence within our system. President Trump, himself, defied his own instincts when the pandemic began and handed over his power to the experts.


Which brings us to their enablers (other than we the people), who are truly higher than a kite right now with the euphoria of power that they have no intention of relinquishing. This group is made up entirely of people who have never mattered sociologically; they’ve always been awkward, outcasts, nerds, dorks, and losers. Truth be told, that’s not fair at all, but it is society…when you’re super-smart, not athletic, not very physically attractive, and bad at socializing with others, you’re essentially branded as a pariah. And yet, those individuals find a way to adapt and overcome and lead perfectly happy lives. Often times, they actually earn more than the rest of us, find like-minded losers to fall in love with, and congregate with fellow dorks to lead a very content life. But the one thing they rarely ever achieve, outside of their circle, is unyielding power and control over others


We have made doctors and scientists the most powerful people on the planet, while simultaneously forgetting that half of them were C- students and don’t know shit, relatively speaking.


And we’ve elevated the worst of the doctors and scientists. The actual good ones are too busy truly saving lives and creating and finding cures to be involved in public policy. The worst doctors and scientists are the ones who don’t actually practice their craft, but rather use their degree to become things like “Health Secretaries,” and “the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,” for example.


Dr Fauci, Michael Osterholm, and every other epidemiologist you’ve seen on your screen over the last many months have spent their entire lives preparing for, and being terrified of, a pandemic. Fauci, himself, told “60 minutes” in 2016 that his greatest fear was a pandemic identical to what we’re experiencing now. In fact, if you spend some time looking at Fauci’s career, you find very easily, that he has spent his lifetime being paranoid, preparing for, and almost wishing for, exactly what is happening to the world today.



That’s not to suggest that’s a bad thing; we need paranoid people at times. Almost all of us grew up with overprotective mothers, but few of us would advise that they should be making decisions for billions of people…and yet, that’s the reality that we have created. We’ve allowed people who expect to get hit by a bus every time they leave their homes to be in charge of public transportation. We’ve made the people afraid to fly the ones who are guiding the airline industry. More poignantly, we’ve made hypochondriacs the stewards of public health. When you ask the people who have spent their lifetimes being afraid of germs to make policy on germs, you get hysterical and terrifying suggestions.


That isn’t surprising in and of itself. We make that mistake all of the time throughout human history. If you ask a battle-tested general about unrest somewhere in the world, he is almost always going to advise a massive and unrelenting military show of force. That’s quite literally why America is designed to have a civilian as the commander in chief; it’s the president’s role to offer the calming, cooling perspective and make the ultimate decisions, as opposed to people who have spent their lifetimes preparing for and going to war.


The issue in 2020 is that we have, collectively, relinquished all of our freedoms to these nerds afraid of germs, and after 8 months of seeing that we will gleefully do things that, a year ago, were unthinkable, simply because they tell us to, they are drunk on their power. Think of what they’ve gotten us to do, with little resistance; we’ve become a nation of work-from-homers, we’ve destroyed our children’s childhoods, covered our faces, and stopped going to concerts, bars, sporting events, and amusements parks. And we continue to accept and do these things, even after almost a year of evidence that shows nothing…absolutely nothing…will stop the virus from spreading. Lockdowns don’t work, and in fact, do far more harm, and yet we allow them to happen.


None of this is the nerds’ fault. It’s human nature. Think of the first time in your life you realized or recognized that you had power over someone; it was exhilarating!

Almost all of us have a degree of it in life, whether it be as a parent, or the dominant partner in a relationship. Some of us gain more of it by becoming bosses or leaders of some kind, and most of us, who are well adjusted, learn to wield that power rarely and skillfully. But we’re not dealing with those types of people. We’re dealing with individuals who have spent their entire adult lives trying to tell others what they should do better and almost never being listened to; that’s almost quite literally, the description of a doctor’s professional life. But now, the world is listening and obeying. They are the new kingmakers and they are not letting go…this is why Fauci says things like “we’ll have a sense of normalcy at the end of 2021.”


Whether wittingly or subconsciously, he and others like him know that by the end of 2021 they will have altered the state of the union for 2 full years in such a dramatic way that we will forever abide by the almighty “expert.” If we remain, collectively, willing to give up two years of our lives as Americans, we will have relinquished what was left of our actual freedom to people who allegedly know more than us; or, put another way, people who know better than we do how to live our own lives.


There is a glimmer of hope; new surveys show that less than half of Americans will abide by returns to lockdowns. While the government can punish businesses all they want, they can’t and won’t stop us from socializing, which is why 40% of people are willing to admit to pollsters that they’ll be celebrating the holidays with groups of more than 10 people. If 2 out of every 5 people are willing to say that to a stranger, we know the actual number is much higher.


The bad news in that equation is that it is infuriating the meek. How dare we not do what we’re told by our political leaders and/or those who are so much smarter than we are? You see them getting desperate as various politicians tell us to cancel Thanksgiving entirely or not travel across state lines, lest we quarantine for 14 days afterwards. Christ, the governor of Minnesota told people to not talk loudly!


The question before us is how many meeks fall in line and actually give a shit about these totally meaningless and un-enforceable “advisories.” If more and more Americans proclaim, with their actions, that they are making the informed decision to live with the virus and accept the possible consequences, it will truly send the power and control hungry losers that are currently making policy totally insane. They will ridicule and scold and threaten us…but in the end, we’ll be the ones actually living, while they are dying inside. And no doubt, when they perish, it will be counted as a “Covid death.”

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