The 2020 Referendum

I am a fan of chaos.

At this point in my life, there are few things that bring me as much joy as watching people make fools of themselves, seeing pathetic individuals invest their entire purpose into things that quite literally are meaningless, and observing unmitigated failure.

Don’t get me wrong; I still love seeing people and stories that mirror Colin Powell, Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey, and so many others who have literally risen from the projects to billionaire status. I love inspiring success stories as much as I love devastating stupidity…there just seems to be a lot more of the latter these days.

America is at loggerheads. Seemingly everyone has picked “a side,” even though most people have no real concept or grasp of the issues at hand. You’re either Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump, but asking you three questions will expose your ignorance.

No matter…the good news is that more people than ever before in my lifetime are engaged, even if it is on a surface level, and we are heading for exactly what this country needs; a referendum on what America is and will be.

This should have happened in 2016. The choice was supposed to be between avowed Capitalist Pig Donald Trump and admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders. Sadly, dirty politics got in the way and we got a disinterested electorate and a missed opportunity to truly gauge where the country is at in terms of what we want to be as a nation.

Not in 2020

Barely into 2019, the race for President has begun. While Donald Trump will be running for a second term, approximately 3 dozen Democrats will be running over the next year to be the one who takes him on and as they position themselves, they are moving further and further and further to the extreme.

As such, once everything is sorted out, America is finally going to get a chance, in 2020, to decide whether or not we’re going to remain a Capitalist nation driven to be the world leader as an economic and military power, or whether we want to be part of a “world community,” in which we’re happy to be part of a greater collective which rewards “fairness,” over prosperity. Additionally, we’ll have a healthy debate on our social values.

I win, either way, because it’s going to be the greatest show on Earth; and the aftermath of watching the losing side and its’ supporters is going to be more than delicious.

In gambling there’s a minimum “buy-in,” that you have to pay to just be dealt a hand. Currently, here is the minimum buy in for candidates to be president in the Democratic Party:

  • Support Universal healthcare for all, perhaps including abolishing all insurance companies
  • Support “free” college for everyone
  • Support “free” daycare for all
  • Support taxing “the wealthy” at 75% or more
  • Support taxing “the wealthy” when they die at 75% or more
  • Support late term abortion (third trimester at least)
  • Support European style gun restrictions
  • Demand that America’s wealth will be used to save the planet and confront Climate change

Look, every candidate makes outlandish promises. Mexico was never going to literally “pay for the wall.” George W. Bush bemoaned “nation building” and then sent tens of thousands of troops to occupy Afghanistan after 9/11. Barack Obama promised that if we liked our health plan and our doctor, we could keep them both, something the Washington Post declared was the biggest lie of the year in 2009. On and on the list goes.

But these lies, ironically, show us the truth about the candidate. And to be promising full-on socialistic policies and ideas more than a year and half prior to the election shows us what America is going to get to choose between.

By the time Election Day 2020 arrives, we’ll have to choose between the devil we know (Trump) and a full-on socialist who, by that time, probably supports confiscating all assets from any person who has more than $1 million, abolishing the military, no borders, and abortion up until the age of 5 years old.

And to be candid, I have no idea who will win and I don’t care. I just want to watch the world burn, which it will, either way.

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