Thats It I Take It All Back

That’s It; I Take It All Back

Many weeks ago, I made the case here why Donald Trump had to win the presidency. It basically boiled down to a few things:

  • We’ve had 8 years of Democratic rule and we need a change, any change.

  • Hillary is the worst thing ever

  • Most importantly, the Supreme Court will set the tone for this country for the next 30 years and the next President will appoint at least 2 and maybe 4 justices and we can’t have Hillary’s view of America on the bench.

So with that, I suggested that Trump, who I said over and over and over again was a sociopath and a pathological liar, had to win. I said that America could withstand four years of Trump and not crumble. I said that the “politicians,” would keep a lot of his silly ideas in check. I said we’d be safe.

And now, I take it all back.


Because I was called one of the worst things you can call a person…I was called a “Trump Supporter.” By my girlfriend no less. We may be broken up as I write this, who knows? Them’s fighting words so….

None of this is to suggest that my girlfriend, Christina, is a Hillary supporter. Christina’s political opinions are both not on display here and are also none of your business, since she is a private citizen, not some idiot with a radio show. Truth be told, she is still deciding amongst these two horrible choices, who she may support, if she even decides to vote at all (which by the way is what I believe most people will do…they’ll just stay home because how do you choose between puke and poop)?

While Christina and I were Facetiming (she lives in Dallas so we communicate via technology) we were talking about the recently wrapped up Democratic National Convention and she, at one point, made the comment that I was “A Trump Supporter.”

I shivered in disgust and said “No, I am a Hillary hater.”

She made the point eloquently that in America, if I am saying that Trump must win, and if I’m going to vote for him, I must, by definition, be a “Trump Supporter.”

I threw up a little in my mouth and tried again to make my case reminding her I was no fan of either choice and I would hold my nose while voting for Trump. She immediately pounced and said “if you vote for him, you support him, so you’re a Trump Supporter.” She’ll make an amazing lawyer someday.

To which I gave the most mature, well thought out response I could muster which was “shutup.” And then I claimed we had technical difficulties and I hung up on her while trying to run simultaneously towards both my bathroom (to vomit) and my in-home bar (to drink to forget).

So with the prospect before me of being compared to some lunatic who shows up at rallies wearing an American Flag bandana, a misshapen red hat with a vacuous saying on it and a sidearm, I am repudiating my alleged support for Donald Trump. Trying to couch it as an Anti-Hillary vote is simply that; a pathetic attempt at claiming I’m not supporting the very clown who I would suggest should be president.

So for now, I’m not voting nor voicing support for or against anyone. This is the most putrid choice America has ever had to make and I want no part of it. I want to be able to claim that I’m not part of the problem because I didn’t participate. Call me a racist, call me a pedophile, just don’t call me a Trump Supporter. Good God.

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