Paper Or Plastic

Paper Or Plastic

Paper or plastic?

No, not the cash giveaway we’re currently doing…the abject stupidity of morons who believe bags are going to save or destroy the world.

The epicenter of this moronic movement lies in the Golden State of California where they have gone from paper bad, plastic good, to plastic bad, paper good, to neither good, disease better.

California implemented a law that requires stores to charge you 10 cents for any bag you require them to use when packing up your groceries and such. The alternative, of course, is that you bring your own bag with you and not get charged the exorbitant fee of a dime or two. Never mind that re-usable bags are havens for listeria, e-coli and other disgusting potentially harmful pathogens.

The thinking is this…bags are bad for the environment and will kill us all. Thus, we need to produce and use fewer bags. Since people did not voluntarily jump on the “bring-your-own-bag,” to the store movement years ago, we of course deemed that we needed to do what we always decide we have to do; control peoples’ behavior by force and fines. Thus, bags for your products now cost 10 cents each. The thinking being that the bag-fee will annoy people so much that they’ll start goose-stepping appropriately in line by bringing their own bags to stores, cutting down on the need for more bag production and thus, saving the planet.

Of course, not only is the premise dumb as day, but so is the actual execution and results, none of which matters in our “judge me by my intentions, not by results,” society.

For starters, very few stores are actually charging customers for bags, while even more often charge less than what the customers use. I’ve been known to need 8 bags and get charged only twenty cents. Stores know that customers hate this idiocy and want to keep them happy so they just look away. I’ve had plenty of carts full of bags come with no charges at all.

Secondly, is the aforementioned disgusting-ness of reusable bags. The wizards of smarts would rather humans suffer than the Earth not be harmed at all, even though bags are not doing anything to hurt the planet.

Thirdly, they never counted on people like me who enjoy and embrace chaos and paranoia. When I use the self-checkout now, I not only pay for the bags, I grab a handful of extra ones, pay for them, and then throw them away! HA! I’m over compensating for the few losers who are actually avoiding using bags. It’s the same thinking as a decade ago when California was experiencing brown-outs as a result of an energy shortage and I made sure to leave all of my lights on all day and use all of my appliances even if not needed. It’s also the reason I burn tires on Earth Day.

Get over yourselves, all of you. Jesus your self-importance is so nauseating. Here’s a use for a store bought plastic bag…place it over your head, secure it snuggly at the base…

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