We Wont Always Have Paris

We Won’t Always Have Paris

Jesus jumped up Christ.

Look, I get it, believe me I do. As a painfully regular consumer of the news I am aware that it has become beyond embarrassing to watch Fox News on a regular basis as they contort themselves into pretzels finding a way to defend everything and anything President Trump and/or his administration does or says. Whether you like the president’s policies or not, if you have any intellectual honesty, you have to admit that his approach and communication are, for the most part, amateur hour. And don’t get me wrong; I’m an “America First,” guy. I’m not talking about that bluster, I am talking about all of the self-inflicted wounds caused by moronic things said and done by this administration. Or maybe I should point out what hasn’t been done. How are those tax cuts coming? Repeal of Obamacare? ANYTHING of note other than a Supreme Court justice? Never have a I seen such a domestically failed new president, especially since almost all of our modern presidents have passed the majority of their major bills within the first year of their term.

And yes, Trumpsters, I know…it’s congress’ fault, it’s the media’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault other than Trump. Grow up.

With all of that said…

My head exploded late last week as I watched what we call the “mainstream media,” (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN) essentially report the end of the world as a result of Trump’s decision to remove America from what we call the “Paris Accord on Climate Change.”

For the record, I continue to know that “climate change,” is complete garbage. There is no “consensus,” as believers like to shout at you, just the opposite is true. In fact, more and more scientists are coming forward on a daily basis to discuss and explain why all of the science behind what we call “climate change,” is garbage. Joe Bastardi has started an entire company known as “Weatherbell” for scientists and meteorologists who are “deniers,” to have a home. Dr. Roy Spencer, author and yes, scientist, has written and spoken extensively about the myth, while conservative commentators Mark Steyn and Greg Gutfeld have done exhaustive research to refute, most notably, the idea that “the overwhelming majority of scientists agree,” which is provably untrue. (And yes, I know they don’t count or matter because they’re conservatives. Very adult of you).

But even if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and actually believe that humans can, will, and do harm the planet and the climate, how in the world do even you tolerate what’s been said the last week? Is it just because you hate Trump so much? The Paris Accord had no enforcement, was all voluntary, and each country wrote what it was willing to do and when it was going to do it. Even if everyone would have stuck to the agreement, it would reduce the average global temperature in the year 2100 by 0.17 degrees. Yes, you read that correctly. Less than 1/5th of one degree 83 years from now.

Additionally, The Heritage Foundation shreds the agreement by noting it would, if fully implemented, have a “staggering” effect on America’s economy and our quality of life, in return for “essentially zero environmental benefits.” It is, quite simply, a bad deal by any rational calculation.


Hyperbole, hysteria, delusion, insanity…none of those words begin to describe what we’ve seen the last week. I keep thinking we can’t get dumber or more irrational and I keep being surprised.

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