As I’ve said many times during this Covid-19 pandemic, you can’t have it both ways.

You cannot, in good conscience, and in absence of hypocrisy, point to “experts” as your guide, and simultaneously dismiss and disregard other equally qualified “experts.”

Since the beginning of this “crisis,” we have relied on a very few different specific types of experts as follows:

  • Mathematicians/statisticians who have taken numbers, added in assumptions and created models. Those models have been used to create public policy and guide our decisions vis a vie shutting down the American economy.


  • Scientists and doctors who have specific experience or knowledge with diseases and/or pandemics. Those doctors have helped mold the aforementioned models and others are literally part of President Trump’s task force guiding public policy vis a vie shutting down the American economy.


As always, we rely on journalists to report to us what the policy makers are saying and doing; what is different with the Coronavirus is that there is seemingly no contrarian media. In normal times, we rely on CNN/MSNBC to report the liberal, mainstream, Democratic view of the news and Fox/The Wall Street Journal/talk radio to offer the conservative, alternative, Republican view. Not so with Covid-19. Almost everyone is lockstep and willing to accept whatever pablum is thrown their way.

Enter the internet and the ability of…wait for it…experts that have a vastly different view of what America is doing in the wake of this virus. What of these experts? They are dismissed, ignored, chided, ridiculed and marginalized, all because they have the audacity to not fall in line.

Let’s begin with this fact; the United States, unlike other countries, is classifying and counting anyone who dies WITH covid-19 as having died FROM covid-19. It’s beyond criminal, and they aren’t even lying about it

Enter pathologist Dr. John Lee…an expert, who has written endless articles decrying the absurdity and lack of science being applied to today’s challenge. He’s a pathologist…defined as “a scientist who studies the causes and effects of diseases, especially one who examines laboratory samples of body tissue for diagnostic or forensic purposes.” But apparently he’s to be ignored.

Then there are countless Stanford doctors and scientists, including epidemiologists, defined as “those who study or are experts in the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases,” who apparently also know nothing.

Data analysts and statisticians also can’t believe what they’re seeing happen

Even journalists are sounding the alarm

If you’re frustrated that I’m not recapping what each cited source says, there’s a reason; you need to read for yourself, from the “experts” how aggressively and wrongly we’re being screwed. Taking my word for it is wrong. Read their words, critically think for yourself and come to your own conclusions. And ask yourself “how is it that completely accredited experts who say this is nothing more than a flu virus are being ignored?”

Remember the X-files? The answers are out there…

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