Go F--k Yourselves

Go F*#k Yourselves

I’ve decided to pull a “Trump,” and double down.

About a week ago, I lost it on the air after yet another spineless scumbag accused my girlfriend, Christina, of being a “gold-digger,” something that basically every woman who’s been with me in the last 20 years has had to endure being called.

To be crystal clear, this isn’t about me. I am not in any way insulted by the insinuation that the reason beautiful women want to be with me is because I have and make a lot of money, as if to imply I have very little else to offer. Attack me all you want. I put myself out there every day and I can take it. In fact, I welcome and encourage it because so many of you are so bad at it, it’s comical to hear and read some of your beyond lame attempts at put downs. Keep them coming. But Jesus Jumped Up Christ, do you have a scintilla of class? Any semblance of respect at all left in your pitiful body? I’m guessing not.

When you claim that Christina is with me for my money it is insulting to her, not me. You are questioning her character, her accomplishments, and her very moral fiber. I don’t know an honest, hard working, chivalrous man who would allow anyone to put the woman they love down like that, and I certainly won’t tolerate it. Those of you who claimed I was being a “whiny little bitch,” are the type of men I’d never want my sisters to date…and I don’t even like my sisters, so go f*#k yourselves. And for the record, she never asked me to say any of this, nor would she. That’s why she’s a better person than you’ll ever dream of being so, once again, go f*#k yourself.

For the record, my girlfriend has honorably served this country in ways that I’m not even cleared (from a security and classified standpoint) to explain to you, but include two tours in Afghanistan. She is still an active member of the Army reserves and she works for the U.S. Government in a position I am literally not allowed to share with you. She’s a patriot, a hero, and most importantly, a respectful human being who deserves better than you scumbags who want to suggest otherwise.

Christina lives in Dallas and I live in Sacramento. We see each other every two weeks and she buys her own plane tickets and flies first class every time because she can. When we travel, which we do often, we split costs. In Hawaii, I paid for plane tickets, she paid for a rental home for 8 days. She often insists on paying for meals and bar tabs when we’re out. I’m terribly sorry (not sorry) that you can’t wrap your brain around a 25-year-old woman having made enough of herself to be in a position that you’ll never be in life but go f*#k yourself and stop attacking someone making the best of themselves while also defending your freedom to say the dumbest shit to ever come out of an American man’s mouth.

For those who suggest I should just ignore these assholes, I say this: at what point do you throw a punch? How far do you let a scumbag go before you step in and say “hey, that’s my woman and you can’t talk to her that way.”? We’ve talked about the analogy before. Since Christina is both African American and 19 years younger than me (and stunningly gorgeous) we get a lot of looks in public. We make a game of it, we have fun with it…but when someone says something, we respond to it. And you can be sure my response would be properly escalated depending on what would be said. If the “N” word came out of someone’s mouth, I’d probably (and happily) go to jail. (Or more likely the hospital and then jail since my odds of winning are not good…unless Christina steps in).

Keep your fire aimed at me, not her and not anyone’s significant other on this show. They’re off limits and you shouldn’t have to be told that. Call me ugly, short, balding, fat, a drunk, pompous, arrogant, and anything else you think fits. But keep your insults directed at me because I promise you that Christina is way out of your league by every measure.

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