Confirmation Of Whining

Confirmation Of Whining

It’s becoming harder and harder to take the Republican Party and its followers seriously.

I haven’t voted for a Democrat since Bill Clinton as I favor Conservative economic policies, a strong, vibrant American military, and am pro-second amendment. On almost every other issue I don’t agree with or get the Republican position. Their view on gay marriage, pornography, the LGBT community, the legalization of marijuana and so many other things seem so antiquated yet I hold my nose and vote for the policies that affect me personally. For example, since I’m not gay and I don’t smoke pot, I’m not invested in those issues the way others are. But I do make a lot of money and want lower taxes. I do own my own business and want a business friendly environment. I do believe we need to project strength throughout the world via our military to keep us all safe. So That’s how I vote, but boy are they making it harder by the day.

Never mind the fiasco that is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. God help us all.

It seems that members and followers of the Republican and Conservative movement have become incapable of being, in any way, honest or objective about almost anything. In other words, they’ve become modern day Democrats. Again, God help us all.

I have never accepted the whine of conservatives that the media is out to get them, certainly not over the last 30 years as conservatives have literally owned and dominated talk radio, the internet and the most watched (by far) cable news channel. Liberal bias? Give me a break and grow up.
Beyond that, anything that Hollywood produces is, of course, somehow a slam on conservative values. Does that happen? Absolutely. Is it every single thing all of the time? Absolutely not, paranoid much?

Because I lead a glamorous, celebrity lifestyle I awoke Sunday morning around 5 and immediately sat down to watch the HBO original movie entitled “The Confirmation.” My main reason for this was that I have a Kerry Washington problem and she was starring as Anita Hill, the woman who claimed that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her. My plan was to just mute the movie and watch it pants-less, but I gave it a try. After two hours of not giving in to my carnal needs, I texted multiple friends to insist they find, record and watch the film as it did a brilliant job of beautifully and objectively portraying all sides of the infamous story. To claim anything otherwise would be asinine and dishonest. We saw Anita Hill’s fears, plight and pain, as well as the toll the entire process took on Thomas. And more than that, we once again were reminded how Washington D.C. works (or doesn’t).

The acting was exceptional on all sides and few people come across as sympathetic figures. Most notably, the facts are presented factually and straight forward.

Yet Sunday afternoon hit and all I heard was how slanted the movie was against Thomas and how it was typical Hollywood trash. Conservatives and Republicans were shouting from the rooftops that it was a “hit piece,” designed to impugn Thomas’ integrity.

Did they even watch the movie?

The Republican Party and its followers have not yet lost my vote but they’ve certainly lost what little respect I had for them. They brazenly lied about the Arizona Immigration bill years ago, they completely lied (and continue to) about Edward Snowden and now they’re just whining. Maybe they do deserve Donald Trump as their nomine; after all, there’s no bigger whiner on the public stage today.

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