And The Loser Is All Of Us

And The Loser Is… All Of Us!!!

Time to check in on just how bad the State of our Nation is and the likelihood that it is only going to get so much worse.

Barring something totally unforeseen and practically unprecedented, we now know the likely scenarios when it comes to who we’ll all be voting for in the Presidential election this November. And they’re almost all disastrous if you love America at all. And the few that aren’t, are so unlikely it’s not worth clinging to the hope. Here, in no particular order, are the people likely to be the 45th President of the United States and how they’ll further destroy the nation: (But I’ll also force myself to say something good about them as well)

DONALD TRUMP: There is no conceivable way to believe Trump will win a general election. He has the support of about 15% of the overall population and is so unhinged, unintelligent, and unprepared, he will make anyone the Democrats run appear as far safer a choice. If he were, by some miracle to win in November the world would not respect us, they would isolate us. Trump cannot and will not accomplish almost anything he promises, and since he can’t maintain a consistent position on anything, that’s probably a good thing. He will be squeezed by both sides of congress and prevented from getting anything done. Disaster doesn’t begin to describe this and it’s time for the freak show to end. SOMETHING GOOD: He’d be great for my career and that of all late night shows. Sorry, that’s the best I got.

HILLARY CLINTON: Hillary Clinton will enter the general election as the second most unfavorable and least liked candidate in history, behind only Donald Trump. She is a miserable campaigner and a worse human being who has accomplished less with more opportunity than any modern day politician. She is a liar and a fraud and will continue the corruption of the past 16 years that has taken America to its current horrific state of affairs. And if you don’t believe that America is in a horrific state of affairs, you are simply ignorant. SOMETHING GOOD: She’s as close to status quo as we might get, so the slow decline of America will simply continue as it has been and the ongoing malaise and pathetic economic reality will simply continue.

TED CRUZ: The used car salesman who will then stuff your child into the trunk is one scary dude who literally no one likes. Even his own family gives off the vibe that they don’t believe a word he says but that they’re all too afraid to say anything les they end up being served at a sausage factory with a side of pasta. Cruz is not a constitutionalist as he and his supporters claim, he’s an opportunist who bends the constitution to fit his far right, out-of-the-mainstream views. He cries states rights when it’s convenient to his cause (abortion) and demands federal intervention when it isn’t (legalized marijuana, gay marriage). In other words, he’s a typical politician. SOMETHING GOOD: He will maintain the rightful balance on the Supreme Court and will be staunchly pro 2nd amendment.

BERNIE SANDERS: America is not going to elect an overt Socialist. Not even now. His policies and promises simply don’t add up and the more people learn about that, the more they admit it. If he did win, congress would ignore 90% of everything he wanted to do and we’d go on going on with gridlock and little getting done. The big concern with Sanders is his devastating lack of understanding and willingness as it relates to Isis and the War on Terror. He would make us less safe. SOMETHING GOOD: He’s as honest as they come in this business and we’ll always know where he stands, even if it’s in Fairytale land.

JOHN KASICH: As the guy with the smallest chance amongst this group to get the nomination, it is ironic that Kasich is the most qualified and mature amongst all of them. He probably would be a decent President who at the very least would undo some of the horrible-ness of the last 16 years and would know how to respond to crises. In other words, he’s way too reasonable for America in 2016. SOMETHING GOOD: I just said good things, geez, what do you want?

THE WILDCARDS: On both sides, people are kvetching. Trump will destroy the GOP, Sanders will destroy the DEMS. How can they be stopped is the answer? Hillary has the math against Sanders for now, but continues to make a fool of herself and scare Democrats to death. It is ironic that the best candidates for President after all of this time are the ones who, if both parties couldn’t choose a nominate, would try to draft; Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. A rematch of the Vice-Presidency battle of 2012, this is the only chance of someone qualified, calm, and able (if not incompetent on many issues) to become President. And it ain’t gonna happen folks. We’re so screwed.

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