Christmas Lights Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights, Christmas Lights…

No seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

I am fortunate enough to live in a very nice neighborhood. We basically have private streets and courts and leave each other alone and almost all of us have about 2 acres of land to ourselves, yet we’re still neighbors.

Across the street from where I live is a home that not only still has their Christmas lights up around their home, they keep them lit…24 hours a God-damned day. This bothers me.

What in the actual hell? Since I walk my dog(s) regularly I have noticed that people live there and come and go based on car movement, thus someone must see and realize that their stupid lights are lit. What are we doing here?

I have researched all forms of various celebrations ranging from Orthodox Christmas to Kwanza and even talked with a friend of mine who is a pastor…no one can provide me a reasonable explanation for these damn lights still being on other than rampant insanity.

Thus, I have decided that I have people living near me who are serial killers. What other possible explanation is there other than total psychosis and a need to punish the rest of us via their idiocracy? The challenge now is what to do about it?

I have joked on the air about unplugging the lights but that does come with a trespassing issue and no guarantee of success. Such weirdoes would simply plug them back in to feed their sickness. I have also discussed going to their front door and asking what in the hell they think they’re doing but even with a German Shepherd and a sidearm I’m not convinced I’d escape what are clearly cannibals. Plus, I don’t want my dog to get eaten any more than I desire to be served up as dinner at the house of January lights.

Since I’m not a psycho I don’t live in a community that has an HOA (did it once, never will again) so I don’t have some ninny I can call…the Sheriff in my area is a friend but I’m pretty sure he’d tell me to get over it and there’s not much he can do so I am stuck seeing asinine lights out my kitchen window and anytime I leave my house until these criminals finally remove them. This is intolerable.

Oh, sure, many people have it worse. I get it, but that misses the point. Someone always have it worse. I have a broken leg, you have cancer, and the kid down the hall has leukemia. Grow up. This is about societal norms and acceptance and the breakdown thereof. Good Lord people it’s the middle of January…get your damn decorations down lest you ruin the entire point of the holiday in the first place. If every day is Christmas, then no days are Christmas. Idiots.

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