Child Abuse

Imagine having to tell your child that they are going to die. Or almost as bad, imagine having to watch a parent deliver such news to that child.

Sadly, too many parents throughout history have had to confront such a challenge in the face of cancers, Leukemia, and worse.

Conversely, channel the rage you feel when you hear, as we do annually at least once, about the parent who uses their child as a tool of exploitation and manufactured sympathy. Most recently, a woman in Oklahoma was caught last fall after she spent two years shaving her daughter’s head and telling everyone who would listen, including her daughter, that cancer was killing the girl. Money was raised (and spent frivolously), sympathy was garnered, and eventually the scam was exposed. But not after the damage had been done. Imagine what was done to that child’s psyche; the betrayal of her mother and the lost years of childhood cannot be overstated. Two years ago, an Ohio woman raised more than $40,000 lying about her 3-year-old son having cancer after shaving his head, eyebrows and more. His formative years ruined, her son now lives exclusively with his father who has a lifetime of damage to undo.



The stories, sadly, are endless and they are inarguably cruel and despicable. Regardless of intention (greed, mental illness, who cares) it is impossible to argue that telling your child they are going to die, when they are not even sick, is child abuse, plain and simple.

Millions of American parents are doing that today, and no one is talking about it. It’s disgusting, and it takes using children as pawns to a level that pales in comparison to those vile parents who have their children who are too young to comprehend what abortion is carry signs with pictures of dead fetuses or pro-choice slogans.

The element that makes this new example so much worse in comparison to the pro-life/pro-choice abuse is that those children are simply being used, which is awful, but not nearly as appalling as what is being done and allowed and even encouraged today.

Last week, a group of elementary aged school children, escorted by teenagers and parents, descended on senator Dianne Feinstein’s office to lecture her for not doing enough to combat Global Climate Warming Change. Specifically, these crumb-crunchers were “demanding,” the Green New Deal be passed, something they, of course, do not comprehend in any way.

In the aftermath of videos of this absurdity being released, Senator Feinstein is now being criticized for having the audacity to try to explain to the children the difference between something that is completely unrealistic and the art of the possible. The rug rats were having none of it as they demanded their way or the highway in as disrespectful a manner as children 10 and younger can do, all cheered on and encouraged by the parents present.

Using children as pawns is not new, but it is more prevalent than ever for one simple reason; it works.

Feinstein is hardly a climate change denier. She’s a liberal senator from California and former mayor of San Francisco who has a strong environmental record, but even she knows that we are not going to phase out airplanes and farting cows in 10 years. She tried to explain to the mob of brats that destroying our economy on the way to achieving unachievable things was not viable. She tried to explain that the United States ruining itself would do nothing to help the planet if no other nation on Earth was behaving in an identical fashion.

The diminutive pests and their parents were having none of it as one mom shouted out, referring to the assembled brood of tykes, “they’re not even going to live long enough to be able vote for you!”

And that’s when it hit me.

We literally have millions of American parents, teachers, and influential adults, telling the children of our nation that they are going to die in 10 years as a result of our planet bursting into flames or combusting under the weight of human and bovine activity.

This is not surprising, it’s just devastatingly sad.

Indoctrination is a powerful weapon. I have long been aware of the sadness I feel for the majority of people aged 20-30 in this country who walk around with a literal, heart pounding fear of the planet ending as a result of Global climate warming change. Despite the endless cries of wolf which have never been realized, and all of the dire prophecies which have never come to pass, tens of millions of millennials genuinely believe that their planet will not be here, and thus neither will they, when they’re middle aged.

I remember the good ‘ol days when my generation (gen X), simply worried Social Security wouldn’t be around when we became eligible for it (which it will, BTW…another false fear-monger based fallacy). Now, though, we walk around convinced we’ll have no place to live. And it’s a palpable thought for them; they think about it ALL the time.

Regardless of your position on Climate Change, despite the endless reams of proof available to anyone who cares to do the research that it has never been true that 97% of scientists agree on climate change, or any other form of myth, scam, lie, and exaggeration associated with the 21st century’s biggest money making scam, one thing should be agreed upon; kids should still be allowed to be kids.

These mutts at Senator Feinstein’s office have been robbed of everything innocent and wonderful about being kids. They all believe they’re going to be dead in 10 years.

Imagine delivering that news to your child, and weaponizing it, and reminding them of it every single day. What a tortured life these children are living, and their parents are hailed as “heroes” for making their kids “woke.”

Please; if you genuinely and stupidly believe that the planet will end in 10 years, and you genuinely want what is best for your child, then give them the best 10 years they can have; one free of this toxicity. It takes a lot for me to give two licks about a child’s emotional well-being; this is beyond troubling, beyond disgusting and beyond beyond. This is child abuse. The good news is that since the planet isn’t going anywhere, therapists of the future will be booked for the remainder of the century trying to undo the damage being done to these poor, tiny, impressionable minds.


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