More dumbassery from Higgins.

Producer Brandon’s Summer Vacation – 2017

Round 1 – My Summer vacation was nothing but R&R with some concerts sprinkled in here and there.  To start, we ended up driving down to Vegas to check off a bucket list item; see Rammstein live in concert!  This german industrial metal band has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and at 32, I finally got to see them!  Nothing but rock and pyrotechnics.   It was also my first time being sober in Vegas!  This time I actually remembered my trip!  Part of my commitment to sobriety, my wife and I have taken up fostering for our local SPCA.  We ended up adopting one of the fosters and named him Higgins.  When we weren’t taking care of animals, we were hanging by the pool.  That’s what Summer is all about!

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