Dawn’s Summer Vacation 2017

Round 4 – Some mish mash photos from our Summer vacation! enjoy

Round 3 – Here we go with Round 3 vacation photos! After our friends Wedding in Vegas, we stayed in Vegas to get some time in with our family that lives there!

Round 2 –

Round 1 –

This was by far one of the most relaxing vacations my husband and I have had in awhile!

While being a relaxing vacation it was also at the same time a vacation that tested my emotional and spiritual growth in a good way.  Long time listeners know that I’ve had a strained relationship with my Mother. It’s taken many many years and the Grace of God to heal our relationship and we are finally in a really good place. So that’s one of the things Gary and I did over vacation is go and visit my Mom in the small town she lives in in Arizona after too many years to count that I haven’t seen her.

I feel very blessed to have this relationship with my Mom, before it was too late. She is not doing so good and has to be taken care of round the clock. I want to respect her privacy with what she has specifically but I’m just so happy that for now I have my Mom. Here are a couple of photos of her from our visit.


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