The wife.

Producer Brandon’s Christmas Vacation – 2016 – Sedona, AZ

ROUND 3 – Our last “hoo-rah” in AZ was the Grand Canyon.  We figured that we would check it out since we were only about 2 hours away.  Little did we know that it was going to be totally crowded, with lines of cars and people.  They run this place like it’s Disneyland, complete with resorts and shuttles to each of the different spots along the canyon.  We didn’t make it to the glass deck as it was on the opposite side of the canyon which would have taken us an additional 2 hours to get to.   After the Grand Canyon, my wife wanted to visit a deer petting zoo.  Happy wife, happy life… right?  It was actually pretty fun.

ROUND 2 – Part of this vacation was to take my wife to some places in Arizona that she has always wanted to visit.  Of those places were the meteor crater (the largest, best preserved crater in the world) and the Petrified Forest National Park.  Here are some photos from those places.

ROUND 1 – Over the holiday vacation, my wife and I went to Sedona, AZ just to get away.  We figured that since we get a week off together, we would do something we’ve always wanted to do.  Visit the vortexes in Sedona, the Petrified Forest National Park, the meteor crater, Grand Canyon, and taste some wine in Jerome, AZ!  That’s where we start, our drive into Sedona from Phoenix landed us in the small mining town of Jerome along the way.

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