more photos from the party, lots of drinking and shots!!

Dawn’s Christmas Vacation Photos – 2016

Dawn Goes To Arizona – Round 4

Final round of Christmas vacation photos!! These are the leftovers, a mish mash of vaca photos, enjoy!!

Dawn Goes To Arizona – Round 3

Round 3 of Christmas vacation photos!! These are from our time in Arizona with our family that lives there enjoy!

Dawn Goes To Nebraska Round 2

Hey everyone here is Round 2 of my Christmas vacation photos, which is also the 2nd round of photos from our time in Nebraska!!

Dawn Goes To Nebraska For Christmas – Round 1

Hope you all had a great Christmas!! For our Holiday break my hubby and I spent some time in town as well as in Texas, Nebraska and Arizona.

I will start with some photos from our Nebraska trip. Our oldest Goddaughter goes to college there and that’s where her mom and grandparents live, her mom is like a sister to me have known her half my life and her grandparents are like parents to me and they were gonna be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary so ummm yes of course we would head that way over Christmas to celebrate that with them!!!

Here is round 1 of the Nebraska photos, yes I actually have more than 1 round of photos from Nebraska!! We had a blast!! They are just a great down to earth farming family!

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