Santa Clarita Diet – Season 3 (Netflix)

Holy cuss word! I love this damn show SO friggin good!! Only thing disappointing about Season 3 is there are only 10 episodes booooo! Season 4 release date hasn’t been announced yet but I’m guessing since each season has come out in the Spring we will have to wait until Spring 2020, ugh!

It truly becomes a family affair in Season 3 as Sheila (Drew Barrymore), and her husband Joel realize how valuable their daughter Abby is at helping to keep Sheila safe from all the folks that want to kill the undead. More undead come about some at the hands of Sheila which makes it harder for the Hammonds to just lay low. The mix of comedy, drama and quirkiness are so freaking entertaining, this show makes the undead seem a tad bit normal! There are some new changes but I don’t what to give anything away so you’ll just have to watch! Lets just say Shelia continues to find her calling from being undead lol!

The continued direction of good verses bad undead still totally works, they do a good job of changing up how that battle looks each season and within each season. The balance of “normal” everyday life and then trying to live this undead life make this show so endearing. It comes and goes so fast for me, with only 10 episodes each season and watching them all easily within 2 days I forget how much I love this series and then have to wait another stupid year for the next season….I know first world problems!! The first 2 seasons were so good I wasn’t sure they would be able to keep it up with this next one, you start thinking where else can this story line go and bammo, they find a way that isn’t old and tired!! Season 3 gets a big ole thumbs up!!

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