Review: Black Summer

Dawn’s Review:

Okay so seriously why the hell did I start watching this Zombie apocalypse flick???? Usually not my kind of thing, I love Santa Clarita Diet, but thats a whole different kind of undead/Zombie flick lol!!! While at work I started browsing Netflix  and for some unknown reason I was like ‘hmm what is this all about!’

Once I started watching I couldn’t stop even though I was like this is so stupid, this is so not my thing, wait okay this is kinda good, okay well shit now I want to see how this episode ends. Then I was 4 episodes in and it was like well shit I’ve watched this many might as well finish Season 1..its only 8 episodes…

As far as Zombie shit goes I really don’t have anything to compare it to but when it comes to end of the world shit and how humans react, yeah they did pretty good showing how we would respond to this kind of shit. Working together, turning on one another, trusting no one, doing whatever to survive and total chaos…good times!!

Series starts out highlighting each person that will eventually come together to help each other get to the stadium where its safe from Zombies and they can be transferred somewhere safe., they are told anyway. If you can get past some of the over acting/bad acting….its entertaining enough and now with the damn ending I want to see at lease the first episode of Season 2, I give this a sideways thumb because it was like/hate for me!!


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