Santa Clarita Diet – A Netflix Original Series – Season 2

Review by Dawn:

SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! Shit now we have to wait for Season 3!!!! BOO that… I don’t want to wait lol!! My only complaint about Season 2 is its only 10 episodes I know Season 1 was only 10 episodes as well but that doesn’t  mean they couldn’t do more this go around!

Drew Barrymore’s character in this show is so freaking endearing even tho she is basically a zombie who eats people…BUT she only kills and eats bad people she refuses to eat people that are kind and good!! The relationship with her and her husband is pretty hilarious and continues to be this sweet loving bond in a weird twisted way!! In this Season we are introduced to more folks who have had the same thing happen to them as Drew Barrymore’s character and each one of those stories…AWESOME!

The talking head is GREAT! It’s of one of their fellow real estate agents that was a total ass hat so Drew killed, ate and buried him in Season 1 not realizing she made his head undead!!  And the friendship the husband and the head form seems so normal…even tho he is friends with a talking head that has no body!

I don’t want to give too much away…but basically Season 2 is even better than Season introduces more undead folks, the cop on the street looks more into the local deaths, Nazi’s are apart of this season and since they are bad you can imagine how Drew gets rid of them!! Also Jesus plays a funny role in this Season as well but thats all I’ll say above that part cause I don’t want to give away how the Season ends…I give this a HUGE thumbs up you can Netflix and chill this in one day!!!

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