Reviews: Dead To Me, What If & Black Mirror Season 5 (Netflix)

Dawn’s Review of Dead To Me (Netflix):

I’ve always been a fan of Christina Applegate so duh of course I was gonna check out this dark comedy she stars in!! Jen the character she plays, is grieving the loss of her husband who was killed in a hit and run while he was out jogging. She joins a grief support group where she meets Judy and the two totally bond so much so that Judy moves into Jen’s guesthouse after her boyfriend dumps her…

It took me a couple of episodes and I was hooked! Its silly, creepy and sad. There are a lot of hidden secrets with just about everyone’s character on the show and you actually want to know more about every character even her neighbor who isn’t even on the first  season that much!! There is so much that goes on in the First season that if I tell you anymore I’d be giving a lot away!! You really just need to watch it and see how all the story lines unfold! If you are a fan of Christina Applegate and like your comedies a little dark you will enjoy this show! And yes there will be a Season 2, Netflix just gave it a go and I give it a Thumbs up!

Dawn’s Review of What If (Netflix):

Oh holy shit, if you keep watching after the opening scene from episode 1 than you have a freaking screw lose like I do!! Its like the torture wasn’t enough watching Rene Zellweger act horribly in her opening monologue, yep just her and no one else, oh no lets keep watching for more of the garbage to follow in this garbage show.  And kept watching I did. All the way to the end. WTF.

Renee Zellweger plays this demented gazillionaire business woman, who makes a ridiculous offer to this Scientist  gal Lisa who needs funding desperately for her medical tech start up that will revolutionize the medical industry. The girls acting that plays Lisa is pretty good but man the whole story line is complete garbage but f*c# a duck it was like a really bad accident that I couldn’t stop watching.

Oh and the ending you won’t be shocked, its easy to figure out all the twists and turns this series gives us, oh and lucky us I read there will be a Season 2, ugh. This get a big ole thumbs down…


Dawn’s Review of Black Mirror Season 5:

Here is where I think I have landed when it comes to Season 5 of Black Mirror, that is just okay and a little corny. The other seasons had a lot more to them that were creepy and could really get you thinking about where we have gone as a society and where we are going as a society pertaining to us as people and with our technology  in a more thought provoking way. Sure this season hits on that stuff but in more rushed way without any of the WOW!

First episode is bit weird but not really when you think about it!! And you could totally see where it was gonna go! Second episode was a big thud for me. And the third episode with Miley Cyrus, well she did great in it and it did keep me entertained but overall it was so so. Which is what Season 5 was for me overall, just so so…soooo I give it a sideways thumb!

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