Review: Stranger Things Season 3 (Netflix)

Brandon’s Review of Stranger Things Season 3:

As if the 4th of July isn’t already fun, how about adding some monsters, gore, a little Russian paranoia, and a few nerds to the festivities? Then you have a recipe for Stranger Things (3), and it was tasty! Don’t panic, there won’t be any major spoilers ahead, it’s too good to ruin it for everyone else. Two enormous thumbs up for this season…but will it be the last?! Major Nostalgia reporting for duty, let’s take a trip down memory lane, full of the best 80s nerd references like Back to the Future, an incredible rendition of The Neverending Story (from the movie of the same name), the mall scene and everything neon lit.

Some *SPOILERS* ahead, but don’t worry, it won’t give anything away. The boys are not boys anymore, they’ve entered the dreaded teen-age, they’ve coupled up with sweethearts and make-out sessions are abundant, but things go awry when Will senses something familiar, and strange. We get introduced to some new characters, most notably, Mayor Kline, played by none other than the king of 80’s nerditastic movies: Carey Elwes! Who plays the best creep of a politician, that has allowed a huge mall to be built called Starcourt, which takes the center stage as a monster itself, rerouting business from the quaint downtown Hawkins, so even Mrs. Byers feels forced to leave. Everyone is present, including Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour, who ultimately becomes the most badass Hopper we’ve seen! Wynona Ryder, who plays Joyce Byers, also transforms into a strong, unapologetically driven mama bear. The bickering between Hopper and Mrs Byers is worth watching for a good dose of comedic relief. We meet a few new characters, Suzie, Robin and Erica, all of which play critical roles throughout, trust me, you’ll love them. Go watch it. Now! Don’t forget your tissues…Mrs Brandon needed nearly a whole box.

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