Reviews: Bonding & The Silence

Dawn’s Review of Bonding on Netflix: 

I clicked out of the preview for this show so many times until one day I decided okay what the hell lets check this out. Doesn’t appear to be a show I would even remotely like but what the hell you never know. Holy shit it was funny, weird, quirky and sweet. Basically the main girl is a Dominatrix, her way of making a living while she goes to school..she gets her best friend from high school involved to help her kinda like a dominatrix assistant. The different things some people are into are kinda hilarious to weird to gross.

They don’t show sex, but you can tell sexual or kinky things are happening so if you are looking to see all kinds of kinky sex you wont be seeing that, not in this first Season anyway. There are only 7 episode which only last anywhere from 13 to 17 minutes long. This really ends up being about Bonding with other humans and human connection, its kinda sweet the different progression of the relationships, so if Bondage is what you were looking for you will truly just find a show about Bonding!! Its pretty entertaining so I give this a thumbs up!!

Dawn’s Review of The Silence on Netflix:

Dear Lord in heaven, were they serious with this? Did they actually intend for this to be a drama, suspense thriller? This is by far the biggest hunk of shit I have watched since Gigli, google it…I am surprised that when they had it all edited and sat down to watch the final cut they just didn’t destroy any evidence of this hunk of garbage ever being made.. no really its THAT bad. Why the fuck did I keep watching, well it was my one and only lazy day on vaca and I thought well I’ve already given this crap a few minutes of my couch time why not let this thing play through!

Premise is…Dumb, stupidity, ridiculous, non sensical….oh wait an actual premise of the movie, well I think it was supposed to be some kind of thriller of humans being destroyed by weird creatures and then it took a left turn, a right turn a u turn and then straight to garbageville. Biggest thumbs down EVER.

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