Avengers: Endgame (Spoiler Free)

Brandon’s Review:

I can’t and I won’t spoil this for you. If you are a Marvel Fan and have stuck it out since the release of the first Iron Man in 2008, you will not be disappointed.  Yes, it helps to have seen all previous marvel movies.  There are a few that can be skipped, but a lot of the previous MCU movies play a big part in how Endgame brings the whole universe together.  With a runtime of just over 3 hours, it doesn’t feel like it.  It does help to go in with an empty bladder, but urine luck, I have an article just for you to help you decide on when to take a mid-flick tinkle.


And for crying out loud, do not bring your infants to the movie theater, I don’t want to hear them crying out loud.  On second thought, I think it was the grown man sitting 4 seats down who was visibly blubbering. There were plenty of emotional moments for those who were more invested in this franchise than others, but no tears were shed here.   There were plenty of epic action scenes and the story had many layers that kept me roped in.  The character that stole the show was definitely Thor, he is just hilarious.   I won’t say anymore, but I will say that Avengers: Endgame gets a huge thumbs up.  Since showing memes with spoilers without context is a thing, here is my attempt:


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