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The Pentaverate

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Mike Myers makes a comeback to do virtually anything he wants by playing almost every character in the limited series on Netflix about a secret society called “The Pentaverate.”  This series consists of 6 episodes (of which I am only halfway through as of the writing of this review) and it plays out like a movie split six ways.  From the beginning, it feels like Mike Myers does what he knows best and is back in his element from the Austin Powers era where he plays almost every character in the show.  The plot is simple; since the Black Plague in 1347, five men have been working to influence world events for the greater good. One unlikely Canadian journalist finds himself in the middle of a mission to expose the truth and, in the process, save the world.  The parody and satire is in full force poking fun at both sides of the political spectrum, adding in the tin-foil hat conspiracy theories of secret societies and those fringe organizations trying to expose them.  Ken, the Canadian news reporter (who works for CACA news) gets embroiled into the secret society as he goes undercover to expose them, and he finds that it is much easier to infiltrate than it should be.  The simplicity in the writing and premise is met with huge production value ultimately used to tell a bunch of dick and butt jokes.  I’m enjoying the series so far, as long as you turn off your mind and try not to pick apart at the plot too much.  If you try to align with a certain tribe in society, as I believe some reviewers have done so far, you might miss out on the simple humor The Pentaverate provides.  This series is an escape from the real world and makes a mockery of the things that society tends to take too seriously at times.  While this series may be polarizing, it definitely tickled my funny bone and I look forward to finishing the series.

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