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Human Resources

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After only seeing two episodes of the new series from the Big Mouth show-runners, Human Resources, I’m loving it so far.  The intro song by Janelle Monae “Make Me Feel” which is an instant ear worm and the humor is right up the Big Mouth alley, but with an adult twist.  We have discussed on the show the appropriateness at which the subject matter can be for the younger crowd, and it is my belief that those younger teenagers could benefit from learning a thing or two and even broaching the subject matter in discussion with their parents.  That is if the younger teenagers are mature enough to handle the immaturity.  While Big Mouth may be appropriate for some younger teenagers, I would not say the same about Human Resources.   HR deals with more adult themes and experiences that adults may be experiencing, or are about to experience as they reach certain age demos.  I think my favorite part of the series so far (again, only 2 episodes in) is the intro to the second episode where two hormone monsters are having aggressive sex in the break room of their workplace, while discussing the plot to another Netflix series, “Somebody Feed Phil.”  While the coitus is taking place, the receptionist (who is a giant spider) proceeds to try to get his Chinese chicken salad out of the fridge and ends up slipping and falling on a giant pile of ejaculate, ultimately breaking many of his legs… and that beautiful intro song begins…

I give Human Resources two stiff thumbs up!

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