Review: The Patient (Hulu)

Brandon’s Entertainment Review:

The Patient

Streaming now on Hulu

Steve Carell stars in a new series that is not his typical comedic role in “The Patient” now streaming on Hulu.  In this new dramatic, thrilling and suspenseful series, a channeling of the Saw movies combined with a suspenseful Alfred Hitchcock style of story telling, Steve Carell plays a therapist who is abducted by a serial killer.  The serial killer, played by the incomparable Domhnall Gleeson, holds Steve Carell’s character hostage in an attempt to heal his desire to kill people who he feels “deserves to be taught a lesson in humanity.”  The antagonist of the series believes that he is doing right by ridding the world of people who have done him wrong, comparing the behavior to that of his abusive father from his youth.  We are only 3 episodes into the series, as we only get a new episode each week since its debut on August 30th, 2022.  So far, I am obsessed with the story progression and the character development.  I thoroughly enjoy it when a comedic actor like Steve Carrel can flex their dramatic muscle.  I cannot wait to see how this series develops.  It is a must see!

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