Review: The I-Land

Dawn’s Review:

What a hunk of shit this show is…no really its not just bad its freaking beyond awful. The basic premise will be somewhat of a spolier,  thought you should know just in case you were planning on torturing yourself and watching this pile of dung!!!

Basic premise is this, a bunch of criminals are virtually put on this Island where they  are watched to see if they can redeem themselves. They don’t know this of course, so when they wake up just laying on this beach of the Island they are left to figure out how to survive and why they are there are who they are. Doesn’t this storyline sound promising? Sure does..too bad it doesn’t deliver….not..even…close. Character development is lacking beyond belief. ZERO chemistry between ANY of these people. Seeing the premise in action is SO far fetched with SO many holes you are like ‘how the fuck did this even get made.’

Oh dear lord the acting, wowzers the acting is comically terrible. I’m embarrassed for the actors! Even with good acting tho, the writing would have still made this hunk o garbage still garbage! If for some reason you find yourself watching this, maybe you feel like punishing yourself for instance…you will at least be entertained with how stupid it is, comedic really, but a bad comedy of course!!!

I would give this the middle finger, but we don’t give fingers we give Thumbs up or down for reviews, so well no brainer here on which thumb this gets..HUGE thumbs down!

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