Review: Bird Box & Surviving R. Kelly

Dawn’s Review of Bird Box: 

Seems like a lot of folks didn’t like this Netflix movie, but overall  I was entertained. I love Sandra Bullock so I already was looking forward to checking it out! There really isn’t much back story at all,  well there is a book so if you read it maybe they get into more of the lives before the craziness starts to happen but they pretty much get right to the end of the world stuff in the movie. Throughout the movie you do learn stuff about the characters former lives and what not and I don’t want to give anything away, but something is causing folks to kill themselves, but whatever this thing is it doesn’t effect all people, but is hell bent on getting rid of the human race.

Bullock’s character is pregnant at the time this all starts going down, so much of the movie is her trying to survive and teach her children how to survive in this new world. There are some pretty disturbing moments and kill scenes and the overall premise is interesting it just doesn’t always play out well.

The deep love she has for her children and the intense fear she has of losing them to this thing is definitely felt. I’m sure her experience as a Mom with her real life children came in handy for this role! These children really have zero childhood because its all about survival, yet they long for a childhood they have heard about before the world went nuts. While this isn’t a deep thinking movie, it does get you thinking about stuff like this that if you have children what extremes you would go to for them and their safety. And as adults wonder if you would be a fighter, survivor, thriver?

The ending is a little predictable with where she ends up but without giving it away its an ending that will make you happy, go ohhh thats sweet, or you will be like what thats dumb! I thought it was fitting for the movie! So thumbs up Bird Box!!

Brandon’s Review of Bird Box: 

The trendy thing in Hollywood these days is to strip one of your senses away to create a more suspenseful experience for the viewer.  Earlier in 2018, we had “A Quiet Place” where you couldn’t make a sound or the monsters would get you.  In late 2018 and going into 2019, we’ve got “Bird Box”, the plot that says that if you look at the monster, it would get you.  The trailers really did rope me in and I was excited to see Bird Box when it was released on Netflix.  Especially after hearing all of the hype from Netflix themselves, claiming it was one of the most streamed Netflix originals ever. While that may be true, I find it hard to believe that EVERYONE that watched it REALLY enjoyed it.  Based on all of the reporting online, I am in the minority in that I did not like Bird Box.  The premise was great, and the first 15 minutes really roped me in, but the remainder of the movie was very predictable and the ending seemed like it was just thrown together to tie up loose ends.  While Bird Box may be trendy now, I’m not sure it will stand the test of time as one of the “greatest” that Netflix has ever produced.  Sorry Sandy Bullock, after some serious consideration, I gotta give this one a big old thumbs down.

Dawn’s Review:

Lifetime did a 6 part docu series on R.Kelly, R&B singer who has been accused of having sex with underage girls and not only being sexually abusive but mentally and physically abusive as well. He’s gone to trial but nothing has come of it. I remember when Rob reported this on our show so long ago with the child porn tapes they found of him with some of these girls and I was disgusted then and more so that justice has never occurred for these girls.

It’s really hard to watch and hear all the allegations, its just sickening. It’s sickening the pedestals we will put people with money and celebrity on, its beyond gross the amount of people that will look the other way all for a buck. And its also disturbing and disgusting the amount of people that think this kind of behavior is okay. That these girls deserved it somehow.

No one deserves to be treated the way he treated these girls, oh I guess I’m supposed to say allegedly treated these girls. We have come so incredibly far as a society with how we treat women but dear God when you watch stuff like this and the levels to this kind of stuff that is happening on a daily basis its like we as women are right back to the beginning.

I am no femme nazi, but this kind of stuff really makes my blood boil, its so maddening to try and get society to understand that a good amount of these girls in these situations are NOT enjoying it but when you hear how they acted or see video footage of it you are convinced they are loving it, THEY ARENT, WEREN’T. The girls spoke about not enjoying it and just doing what they were told and doing what they knew would get them in the least amount of trouble with R. Kelly so they played along to get along to survive.

I’m glad these women have been able to tell their truth and have been able to heal and thrive in their lives now. The SINGLE best thing a female can do is have a strong sense of worth, love and confidence..those things make it MUCH harder for an abuser of any kind to be able to take you over mentally.

1-800-799-SAFE is the number of the Domestic Violence Hotline.

1-800-656-4673 National Assault Hotline

1-888-373-7888 National Human Trafficking Hotline

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