Review: Louis CK At Governor’s Comedy Club

Rob’s Review: Thumbs Up

Over the holiday, leaked audio of an entire new 49 minute set of Louis CK caused an uproar…for people who weren’t there and need to be outraged over what used to be considered biting, edgy, brilliantly offensive comedy; in other words, people who are outraged over exactly what we need a lot more of.

The items that triggered the Twittersphere were 3 minutes of his set and were tame compared to the rest of his material; however, God forbid you even allude to the Parkland shooting victims (he never mentioned them specifically) in any way other than them being heroic. Worse yet, God forbid you acknowledge the overwhelming population of America’s confusion over gender pronouns, which he did for about 35 seconds. Gasp.

Meanwhile, he found a way to joke about pedophilia, Auschwitz, homosexuality, genital size by race, being screwed by your own father, and the past year of his life, which has seen him lose his fortune and reputation over admitted horrors he committed and has acknowledged. And almost all of it was classic, hysterical CK. Never mind that the internet said he’s now become some sort of Alt-right fascist (even though politics is never mentioned and all of his material is in the exact same vein of his comedy of the last 30 years).

Word of warning to the easily triggered; the material is MORE offensive than I have described here, and also far more funny IF you can laugh at words, which we used to teach people. And yes, in advance, I know that I am a disgusting, miserable, alt-right middle aged white male fascist for writing anything approving of this vile audio.



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