Mike Rowe’s Returning The Favor

Mike Rowe after years as the host of the eponymous “Dirty Jobs,” to many, has all but disappeared other than his extraordinarily popular Facebook page, complete with semi-regular common-sense rants on America, and the occasional cable news appearance. (And a sound bite here-and-there on one of his favorite radio talk shows, RAD RADIO…and YES, we’re STILL trying to get him to come on!!!! Stay tuned).

The truth is, though, that Mike has been very busy and is in his second season of his Facebook Watch show, “Returning the Favor.” Many of these streaming services have been so slow to make their way to the mainstream that too many people are missing too much good stuff, and Returning the Favor is the quintessential example of that.

The concept is simple; Mike travels the country finding people doing amazing things, like a formerly homeless teenager who now, as he and his former Navy mom barely get by, has a side business selling soap. Why soap? Because he learned while they were homeless that the very basic ability to shower, taken for granted by almost all Americans, is something that can very easily be taken away from you…and may even lead to you being taken away from your mother. How did he translate that experience? He didn’t become angry at the world, instead, in he and his mom’s tiny apartment, he started making soap…and discovered he could sell it online, while also donating thousands of bars to local homeless shelters.

In swoops Rowe, who gives the kid his own store. HIS OWN STORE! A retail shop to make and sell his soap, complete with a lounge for relaxing, and a commitment to still helping others. Oh, and they gave he and his mom a new car so they could stop riding the bus around Albuquerque.

This is the type of stuff Rowe was born to do…it’s the epitome of “feel good TV,” and God knows we could all use some of that now and then. If you can keep a dry eye watching this show, you’re better than me.

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