Brainwashed: The Bad Science Behind CTE And The Plot To Destroy Football (Book)

Former NFL player and ESPN analyst Merril Hoge and Neuropathologist Peter Cummings (hehe) completely expose and destroy the absurd hysteria over football caused CTE. If history is honest, the first half of 21st century America will be defined by junk science. We live in an age of ridiculously unethical and provably tainted (hehe) studies that are allegedly scientific which are nothing of the sort. Study after study begins with the desired outcome and works itself backwards and is then puked out to the public by an un-interested-in-truth media to spread panic. Whether it be our own health and exercise standards, climate change, or health risks associated with football, we are bombarded with absolute crap disguised as science and this book is a systematic take down of the garbage we’ve been spoon fed.

Hoge and Cummings (hehe) tackle (no pun intended) the issue of CTE from multiple angles; scientifically and medically, all of the studies have been flawed. From a sports standpoint, what of personal choice and an understanding of risks? Also, where is the comparison control group between NFL players and professional soccer players, boxers, and rugby players? And from the propaganda angle of a willing media who spits out pablum because it’s sexy, even though it’s somewhere between unprovable and totally false?

While the book is and will be mocked incessantly by the complicit media, it is an inarguable condemnation of the stupidity over the CTE hysteria that has led to a watered down NFL, a 25% reduction in youth participation in American football in its’ three biggest conduit states of California, Florida, and Texas, and an endless onslaught of idiotic stories of a non-provable connection between football and player deaths.

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