Review: John Leguizamo’s Latin History For Morons

Brandon’s Review:

“The New York City native says the white bullies at a Manhattan private school who tormented his then-eighth grade son inspired Latin History, prompting him to explore his own history. He relays this history to the audience through decidedly physical means, acting out most of the show as a mix between a vaudeville showman and himself.” – This perfectly sums up this highly entertaining one-man Broadway show from John Leguizamo.  Right from the beginning, he treats his audience as if they are students in a class and from the start you are sucked in to one of the most interesting lessons about Latin history dating back multiple civilizations.  While there are some political slants here and there, it in no way takes away from the sincere dilemma Leguizamo was facing while trying to help his son find a true Latin hero that he could then use to combat his school bullies.  Leguizamo also dives deep into his own psychology and his racial observations over time.  It is a very timely production that is good for a lot of laughs and some learning along the way.

If you are a fan of John Leguizamo’s comedy, you will enjoy this Broadway special on Netflix very much.  I give it a big ‘ol thumbs up!

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