House Of Cards Series Finale (No Spoilers)

There is simply no way I can write this without sounding condescending, so I’m not even going to try.

Here’s an email we received Sunday morning, which is indicative of almost all we’ve received on this topic: Rob did you ever give your final input of House of Cards finale or did I miss it?? I just finished the last episode and I need to talk about it with someone!! I didn’t like it, I still have so many unanswered questions, and why the blank did they end it the way they did?!! SO ANGRY.

I’m angry too…at you, writer. And everyone else that has this sentiment.

The final season has 8 total episodes. At the beginning of episode 6, I turned to my wife and said to her “this is who killed Frank and why.” At the end of episode 7, she and I simultaneously said “this is what is going to happen to the person who killed Frank, and this is who is going to do it.” And that’s exactly how the series ended. And when it did, Christina and I cheered, and then looked at each other and said “what the hell is wrong with everyone else?” How did they not get this? How did they not see this coming? And why do they hate the way it ended? It was perfect!”

Kevin Spacey was not only not missed, he was a welcome absence of the final season. There were, as there always have been, moments of choppiness and things moving too quickly, but that was a staple for HOC throughout its’ run. The final season was, yet again, a completely realistic indictment of not just Washington D.C. and politics, but life in general. Yes, this show is really how it works and this really is how people are built and operate. The endless list of people who are missing from the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations is a comical reminder of how naïve our general public remains, and Christina and I are convinced a large group of those who didn’t like this series, are those who can’t and won’t accept how much closer it is to a documentary than a fictional show.

The rest of you…honestly, we don’t know. The final season was brilliantly written, beautifully acted, and expertly shot. The ending not only made complete sense, it was, in fact, the only way the series could end. We got all the answers we needed, and the lingering questions that could only be answered by more seasons, will have to play out in our minds. And for those of us with the understanding and appreciation of everything we saw, that’s something we’ll enjoy doing for many months to come. Honestly, 24 hours after ending the series, I feel genuine pity for those of you who can’t appreciate what we just saw.

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