Handmaid’s Tale – Season 2 On Hulu

Review by Dawn:

Season 2 kicked off last Wednesday with 2 AWESOME episodes!!! And now we have to wait for a new episode each Wednesday…WTF!!!?? Is this how they did it for Season 1? By the time I watched Season 1 all the episodes for the whole season were there so I assumed it was one of those shows that once the season starts you get all the episodes..but nope….damn it!!

So far this season is uh-mazing. We get exactly what I was hoping for a look at the Colonies, which dear god what a hell hole death sentence of a place. What an awful existence, this is where the leaders of Gilead send the worst of the worst sinners. Seriously it does look like you are being condemned to hell. And I also wanted to see more of how Gilead came to power. Kinda scary actually because so far its little things here and there that didn’t add up but you are busy living your life and then when folks start realizing what is happening to the America they know its WAY too late to do anything except try to escape. Sounds like something that could totally happen! Maybe not to the extreme of this show but similar…gets you thinking about it or just is good entertainment!

For now June is being kept safe away from being a Handmaid but that can’t last long I’m sure, we haven’t seen whats happening with her husband or daughter yet but we are only 2 episodes in at this point…yes I am inpatient!!  If you haven’t watched I’m telling you this show is SO good, the first season I watched in a weekend so you can totally catch up especially since there is only a new episode for Season 2 on Wednesdays, it is Wednesday yet???!!!!! Thumbs up!

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