Don’t Look Up & Queer Eye Season 6

Dawn’s Entertainment Review:

Don’t Look Up

Available Now on Netflix

First things first, the line up for this movie!!  Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Tyler Perry, Ariana Grande, Cate Blanchett, Chris Evans, Kid Cudi, Ron Pearlman, Rob Morgan, Himesh Patel, Melanie Lynskey….to name a few!! The cast is amazing and perfect for this movie!

Secondly, if you are tied to ‘your team’ meaning you are a hard core Liberal or a hard core conservative you’ll be offended and probably shouldn’t watch this movie! It’s not for the snowflakes both sides have become lol! Also if you get offended by God and prayer you will not be happy toward the end of the movie..so basically if you take yourself too seriously and don’t know how to just have fun or not care when things are presented that you don’t believe in go back to your social media page where you spread all your toxic crap and leave this movie for the rest of us!!

Lastly if you are able to set aside your political crap, you may just enjoy this movie!! They take jabs at both sides…I am pretty sure Meryl Streep who is the President of the United States is a cross between a female Trump and a female Obama..she has Trump like rallies while also being obsessed with celebrities like Obama was!

They make fun of the whole political system and at the media…

The movie is basically about a ginormous Comet that is coming straight for Earth and will destroy all of Earth….and…nobody cares..its pretty dead on how they show how most of us would act..

There even ends up being two different slogans for those that believe its happening they chant #lookup and those that think its a hoax chant #don’tlookup (kinda like wear a mask, don’t wear a mask lol!!)

Very entertaining and silly with lots of reality of how we would act if this were happening!!  Be sure to watch it to the very end..you will think its over but it isn’t keep watching….I so give it a huge thumbs up!!

Dawn’s Entertainment Review:

Queer Eye Season 6

Available Now on Netflix

Okay so I am only 1 episode in to Season 6, there are 10 episodes..and it has me so hooked!!! They are in Texas this season so yes okay that caught my eye cause if ya know me you know my obsession with that State lol!!

I just LOVE all these guys…Jonathan is probably my favorite and he is as fabulous as always!! But they all just really do such a freaking great job of helping whoever it is..and you think its all gonna be just based on fashion, home design, cooking and hair but nope they really bring it with the therapy side of things and have you feeling all the feels!!

This first episode has them helping the Dance Instructor and daughter of the owners of Iconic Austin honky tonk, Broken Spoke (in their early days both George Strait and Willie Nelson played there!!) she’s a grandma who still pulls off those Daisy Dukes but her daughter would like to see her Mom just a tad bit more conservatively dressed lol!!

Its such a heartwarming episode I didn’t want it to be over!!! If this first one is any indication of the other 9, this may be the best season yet!!! I give it a big ole thumbs up!!

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