Deadpool 2 ​

Review by Brandon:

Deadpool 2 is finally here and it’s just as good as the first, if not better!  This action packed comedy delivers on all fronts.  The R-rated mutant in the X-men universe continues to prove that you these “superhero” movies can still be fun and entertaining, without feeling forced like most of the X-men movies we have seen recently.

This time around, the anti-hero played by Ryan Reynolds, has to help protect a young mutant with the ability to shoot flames out of his hands (Firefist) from a time traveling bad ass played by Josh Brolin (Cable).  Josh Brolin is firing on all cylinders now that he has taken on such prominent roles in this year’s biggest comic book movies including his role as Thanos in the latest Avengers Infinity War.

Semi spoiler alert: Deadpool loses someone that he loves in the beginning of the film that leads to him having to rediscover his resolve and find out who his family among the mutants really is.  There are lots of good cameos and plenty of laugh out loud moments.  I will not spoil any of the cameos for you, but you will enjoy the little nuggets that the filmmakers left in there for you Deadpool fans.

One of the most knee-slapping moments that has stuck with me is when Deadpool is regrowing his legs after being ripped in half.  For those of you that don’t know, Deadpool’s power is the ability to heal and grow stronger, very similar to Wolverine.  That’s not the funny part.  While Deadpool is growing back his legs, they basically start from the beginning.  So the top  half of his body is normal, but the bottom half are baby legs.  The entire scene is a pivotal moment that is supposed to be taken somewhat seriously, but the baby legs just steal the scene.  There’s even a moment where Deadpool does a “Basic Instinct” move, a la Sharon Stone, baby sized anatomy and all.

If you loved the first Deadpool, you are sure to love the second one just as much.  I know I did.  If you haven’t seen the first Deadpool, it would help… and what are you waiting for? Thumbs up!

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